Nature is terrifying yet so beautiful

2021.09.17 08:07 RichAdults Nature is terrifying yet so beautiful

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2021.09.17 08:07 Outrageous_Ad2114 Water lily Staffordshire Uk

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2021.09.17 08:07 DeadMeat-666 This armor/weapon combo is beautiful.

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2021.09.17 08:07 kiwigirl83 Trouble sleeping.... anything that helps?

I've been on Suboxone only about 6 weeks. I've always had trouble sleeping during my addiction but now its even worse on Sub. My dose is probably too high but as I'm switching to the injection soon I don't really want to muck around with it. And I feel good apart from the no sleeping. Just wondering if anyone has found something good (preferably "natural" not benzos etc) that helps with sleep? TIA
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2021.09.17 08:07 sahil_pagi_yt another eden gameplay Bertrand's quest Knight Today, Mercenary Tomorrow

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2021.09.17 08:07 Ch4osTh3ory Got this beast for 100$

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2021.09.17 08:07 zgyd_no_xuanxue 【翻车新闻】1172 体制内居然还有敢做荆轲的勇士?

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2021.09.17 08:07 poisonrevenant Very close to defeat

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2021.09.17 08:07 123mcole Asked a girl out, where did I go wrong?

There was this girl in class, as school has just started, who approached me and said hi. Being interested in her, I did as well. I asked her to get lunch and so we did and things went great. She asked for my Snapchat, and later, she looked me up on Instagram. 20 minutes after my lunch she asked me how it was (she had to go to class and I hadent finished eating). She would do this every other day, ask me a random question after we had just talked. She seemed very interested in me. We got lunch the next week and things had gone really well. She even dressed nice, the whole flower dress and nice shoes, she never does to class or anywhere I’ve ever see. It went So well I asked her on a date. She gave the old “I’ll let you know”. I, being confident in her interest in me, asked her over text the following day (cause I wouldn’t physically see her for 4 days and felt that would be too long), so I txt her “did you want to go out with me this weekend”. She of course opened the message (Snapchat so It tells me) to which she never replied. I’m just confused on where I went wrong. Did I read the wrong signals? Or did I mess up.
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2021.09.17 08:07 NeonXBL Questions on Technomancer solo/random MM expeditions

So I'm a new player at ilvl 42 and up to CT9 on my Technomancer. Unsurprisingly, I'm doing a blighted rounds build and use a Rifle primary and usually can get solo silver on CT7/CT8 if I play sweaty.
I have a lot of questions though. Primarily, is Rifle blighted rounds even advisable if you lack an exact mod setup that allows your primary to run the brain ammo mod + crematorium? It feels like you will absolutely get mobbed eventually without a form of CC from mods (since even perfect play and cold snap won't be enough always). Currently I just try to craft fortress on my Rifle since I have the bonus maxed out and it is enough damage around CT7 to kill bosses in a single clip if I don't fuck it up. It just seems like maybe any kind of rifle would be more forgiving and much more suited for soloing. Especially since it feels like every damn expedition involves a mid-way stone charging part that almost eliminates any long range gameplay that the build is clearly a top contender in.
Now onto random MM. It's an absolute struggle to not run out of my blighted rounds at least twice in a CT8-CT9 run with others. Obviously I miss out on some ammo from not having the kill shot, but not really that bad/often in my experience. My problem just comes from enemy HP, to where I often find myself being forced to wait for a small add to spawn to replenish my mag, which absolutely hurts the entire team.
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2021.09.17 08:07 LambFamx Setting up digital download shop, advice pls? :)

I was wondering what tips you all have found the most useful. At the moment I am just doing coloring pages, but I hope to expand into learning aids and more next year.
I'm nervous on pricing, I was thinking selling everything in bundles for a low price point to start out with. I was also thinking about offering custom pet portraits color pages. Idk 😂 just toying with that.
I've got a couple pages ready but I'm gonna wait to open until I have my winter sets ready.
I know the digital media competition is tough so I'm nervous. I currently have a homeschooling group testing out my designs and I've had positive feedback so far. Would just love any advice yall can give this noob. ♥
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2021.09.17 08:07 HamletsCorpse971 How to??

I love the circular frame that surrounds the media. How could I replicate this in davinci though?? Its at 1:35.
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2021.09.17 08:07 DeadMeat-666 This armor/weapon combo is beautiful.

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2021.09.17 08:07 darkfang1998 FS: 9.5/10 TS Fierce, $20 shipped

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2021.09.17 08:07 CitrusCornflakes You've heard of Brett on a Fret, now get ready for

You've heard of Brett on a Fret, now get ready for
Ray on a tray
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2021.09.17 08:07 peanut31 Singapore What If ? Storylines

What if Singapore did not face the Japan invasion, what would our lives be now ?
What if Sentosa was still callled singa island ?
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2021.09.17 08:07 CricketsWithRickets hmmm

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2021.09.17 08:07 LUVSAVAGE Doing dxm for the first time in around 6 months

Lockdowns in Australia so I can't hang with my friends on holidays so I'm going back to the dark side lol
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2021.09.17 08:07 DoesntUnderstands Why do employees think they're entitled to the profits of a company when they are already getting a wage for their time?

It baffles me how entitled people seem to be.
When someone starts a business. They risk their money, time, and reputation.
Often taking out loans on their homes and cars that they gained by grinding from day jobs for decades.
They often forego a salary of their own and work more time than any employee under their company.
Then, if they are successful. They get to reap the rewards years down the line.
If they fail, they lose their home, car, file for bankruptcy, have ruined credit, and live with the penalties for the rest of their life.
So why do employees think they are entitled to profits when a company succeeds when the employee takes 0 risk and invested 0 money. On the contrary. They get paid for their time and can leave at any moment without any repercussion. Whether the business succeeds or fails is not their concern. Most employees don't give a single fuck about their employer and often just resent them even while getting paid cash money for their time. Like a spoiled bratty socialist child.
If you don't think you're getting paid enough, then leave and pick another job.
Like I said, you are not essential or irreplaceable and you take no risk if the business fails.
Sure some companies can offer equity to entice people to work at their company instead of another, but equity is privilege and a gamble. Companies don't need to provide you with it and you should not expect it because you are getting paid cash for your time in an amount that you agree to.
There are exceptions such as small group startups, but everyone negotiates their wage and equity before even starting.
There is no loyalty between employer and employee. Its a contract of money for a service and nothing more. If you believe otherwise, then you are naive.
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2021.09.17 08:07 khoisteve209 Rick roll no ads

QR Code of Rick roll & no ads

Rick roll
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2021.09.17 08:07 Mmtorz I Want To Start Streaming Drums But Don't Know Where To Start

Basically what the title says. I've got an old e-kit, which is my main concern, a Yamaha DTXPLORER which uses MIDI. Would it be possible to output the sound and stream with it or would I have to get a newer kit?
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2021.09.17 08:07 13MuffinsOnABalcony Shame

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2021.09.17 08:07 PCripps3Votes Trade PPR

My other running backs are chubbs and Taylor (I have Jones)
View Poll
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2021.09.17 08:07 ChristianSal2003 My official review of Montero (this is just my opinion)

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2021.09.17 08:07 Shonow2040 Nagatoro cosplay versión conalep

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