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2021.09.17 09:12 GamiTV My turn

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2021.09.17 09:12 LambChop508 Conversion bits help

Hello! I'd like to start a small Night Lords warband and do some conversions, and I got a chance to see the official upgrade sprue and the helmets are.... ugly. What bits do y'all use to get the little bat wings on helmets? Maybe some undead kits or vampire kits have something that could work? At this point I'll try anything.
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2021.09.17 09:12 niuz-bot „Paradiplomația fotbalului”. Cum a ajuns Transnistria, prin sport, în lumina reflectoarelor din Europa - [Analize][Republica Moldova]

Pe 2 septembrie, conducerea clubului de fotbal Sheriff Tiraspol adresa un mesaj de felicitare conducerii republicii separatiste transnistrene cu ocazia împlinirii a 31 de ani… Mai departe »
Citeste in continuare:
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2021.09.17 09:12 Lonely-Series9604 Which pewdiepie was the best? (tho he is the best)

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2021.09.17 09:12 SAtechnewsbot How to declare your Bitcoin to SARS

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2021.09.17 09:12 SAtechnewsbot MTN-owned tower company looking to list on New York Stock Exchange

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2021.09.17 09:12 thethaosocc Chuyên gia và truyền thông quốc tế nói gì về tuyển Futsal Việt Nam?

Trước một đối thủ có trình độ không quá chênh lệch, ĐT futsal Việt Nam đã xuất sắc đánh bại Panama qua đó nuôi hy vọng giành vé đi tiếp vào vòng 1/8 World Cup 2021.
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2021.09.17 09:12 hayleythebest Find jobs with Flexible Hours!

whats your opinion about advantage about flexible hours while finding jobs? how will this help you on mentally or physically?
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2021.09.17 09:12 TeaAccomplished508 ☀️Baby Stellar Coin - Biggest Stealth launch - First token to reward XLM - Liquidity locked in mudra for 1 year - At low Market Cap - Marketing and Reversal Started. 👶

👶 What is BabyStellar?
🔹The BabyStellar is a community-driven and controlled token with a proven use case in the XLM rewards.
🔹Community benefits just by holding BabyStellar tokens.
BSC Token
Don't miss your chance to get in early!
This is the start of something big. Zero tokens are kept by the development team & dev is going to dox himself
🤔 How does it work?
BabyStellar includes many established tokenomic mechanisms including:
🔸20% transaction fee, distributed as follows:
🔸10% distributed to all holders as XML rewards
🔸5% added to the locked liquidity pool
🔸5% added to the marketing wallet
🔰Phase - 1

Phase 1 marketing started as the dev doxxed himself , social media campaign running and we are live on coinsniper. More to come
🔰Phase - 2
🔰Phase - 3
Roadmap has complete & well laid out plans for upcoming 3 quarters. From whitepaper to dextools. From advert to listing.
Contract Address
🌈 Renounced Ownership:
🔒Liquidity Lock 1 year+
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2021.09.17 09:12 NAN030 What happened to this audition?

What happened to this audition? Saw her cause of hololive mamas collab happening later and saw kakage-sensei in there, so I traced back who is her "daughteson" in hololive and found this 2. One of them is her daughter the black haired one.
The audition ended on march 2020 acc to this tweet ( The page is still up in hololive's site (
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2021.09.17 09:12 Siliwinter Wolftone Draw

After many Umbral's and AA runs I managed to get 2 rolls which I've held onto, which of these would work better in PvE?
Flexible String/Natural String, Fiberglass Shaft/Helical Fletching, Archer's Tempo, Frenzy.
Flexible String/Natural String, Natural Fletching/Helical Fletching, Archer's Tempo, Adagio.
Both Handing MW.
Side ask, is Frenzy superior to Adagio on this weapon?
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2021.09.17 09:12 honeyyyybear what days do we get l*zhin coins ?

im just confused on which days we get them because they’ve moved
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2021.09.17 09:12 MayorMcSweeney Balancing a magic item/artifact

Now I'm aware that this subreddit is primarily D&D related and not pathfinder but I was posting here in hoping that maybe some Pathfinder 2E players might also be here or maybe people having interesting ideas. Without further ado.
Price ???; Damage 2d6 P; Bulk 2
Hands 2; Range 120ft - 180 ft; Reload 1
Category Martial
Ammunition Minie ball
Group Firearm; Traits [Unique] [Magical] [Ranged] [Fatal d10] [Versatile B] [Misfire 2]
This +1 striking rifle resembles a slab of ornately carved ivory bound by steel bands and rivets to a long blackened mithril cylinder extending from one end. There is a cutaway window revealing a small glowing gold crystal affixed to the weapon’s internal mechanisms, a small handle fits snugly to the ivory, when lifted and pulled back reveals the internals allowing a single round to be slotted inside. The hilt of a longsword is protruding from the other end with the pommel shaped to fit comfortably into one’s shoulder. A long piece of mithril in the same style as the barrel curls over the trigger of the firearm and resembles the trigger of a crossbow. Atop the cylinder is a small modified spyglass with a small switch that allows it to sit upright on the barrel or to fall to the side to allow one to aim down the ironsights.
Divine Craftsmanship
Due to the nature of this weapon’s construction it is an incredibly powerful weapon and has abilities far beyond that of most firearms that one would find even in the inventor’s playground that is the Bastion in the West. However, its power is not limitless. The crystal affixed to the internal mechanisms of Judgement holds a maximum of 4 charges and regains 1d4 charges whenever you begin your daily preparations. Judgement can still fire normally if no charges are left in the crystal.
Scope Up: The designer of this weapon understood the benefits of being able to shoot from afar as well as in close quarters. There is a modified spyglass attached to the barrel of this weapon that can be manipulated to flip up or down.
1 Action: You flip the spyglass up or down allowing you to be effective at multiple range increments. If the spyglass is flipped down Judgement has an effective range of 120 ft with no penalty while the range from 125 ft to 180 ft is at a -4 circumstance penalty to attack rolls. If the scope is flipped up Judgement has an effective range of 120 ft to 180 ft with no penalty while the range from 5 ft to 115 ft is at a -4 circumstance penalty. This action does not cost any charges to use.
Contingency Plan: In the most dire circumstances where one is rushed by those that would spill their blood, you’re prepared for such an event.
1 Action: You draw the longsword from Judgement and can use it in combat to defend yourself. The longsword retains all the benefits of whatever runes are etched onto Judgement. Judgement cannot be fired if the longsword is drawn. It also takes 1 action to sheathe the sword back into the firearm. This action does not cost any charges to use.
Searing Light: The crystal affixed to the internal mechanisms of this firearm is imbued with a modified version of the Searing Light spell.
2 Actions: You pull the secondary trigger of Judgement forcing the crystal into the chamber of the gun causing a beam of gold energy to be expelled and thrust from the barrel. The chamber must be empty otherwise the spell will fizzle. Make a ranged attack roll at a target within range (120 ft) using your normal bonuses to fire the Searing Light spell. This attack deals 5d6 fire damage and an additional 5d6 good damage to fiends and undead. On a critical hit the damage dice is not affected by the Fatal trait of this weapon. This action costs 2 charges to use.
Critical Success: The target takes double fire damage, as well as double good damage if a fiend or undead Success: The target takes full damage
Scorching Ray: The crystal is pushed past its limits and fires a more volatile version of the Searing Light spell
3 Actions: While the crystal is forced into the chamber of the gun, you also pull the normal trigger causing a violent reaction and empowering the Searing Light spell. The chamber must be empty otherwise the spell will fizzle. Make a ranged attack roll at a target within range (120 ft) using your normal bonuses to fire this empowered searing light spell. This attack deals 5d8 fire damage and an additional 5d8 good damage to fiends and undead. On a critical hit the damage dice is not affected by the Fatal trait of this weapon. This action costs 3 charges to use.
Critical Success: The target takes double fire damage, as well as double good damage if a fiend or undead Success: The target takes full damage Critical Failure: The weapon jams and must be fixed as if it had misfired.
Rules for Misfire Misfire: Firearms that have been subjected to unusual strain can misfire. When you misfire, the weapon jams, the attack becomes a critical failure, and you must use an Interact action to clear the jam before you can reload and fire the weapon again. A weapon can also misfire if improperly cared for. If you attempt to fire a firearm that was used the previous day and that hasn’t been cleaned and maintained since then, attempt a DC 5 flat check before making your attack roll. If you fail this misfire check, the weapon misfires. Once you’ve spent at least an hour cleaning and maintaining a weapon, you don’t need to roll for a misfire until the next day unless an effect says otherwise.
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2021.09.17 09:12 Mountain_Principle98 Defenestration - Kill The Prophets (2001) FFO: Kittie

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2021.09.17 09:12 KarasuKami10 I'm not the best at making memes but at least I give it a try.

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2021.09.17 09:12 sadlittleman1001 My first post here. I answered an u/AskReddit (what's the greatest pleasure you ever felt?) with the following comment and it blew up (22k upvotes in 24 hours I think) and I was asked my several to do an AMA. Here goes...

I have an extremely rare (maybe 100 in the US) genetic anomaly that makes susceptible to growing GI tract and other cancers. I just had my 45th surgery (my younger sister has had 70). It's not the anesthesia I enjoy, but the pre anesthesia drugs they give you in the waiting bed, while under warmed up blankets. Hours of near bliss and conscious to enjoy it. Gotta look at the sunny side, right?
Edit: I didn't expect this kind of response- I just told about the surgeries so ppl would understand that I REALLY know how the pre-surgery drugs feel and appreciate them. Wasn't expecting (or looking for it) sympathy but thanks for all the great comments (even the guy that said I should just die already and stop burdening the health care system :-) ). I'll try to answer questions- thanks for an unexpectedly engaging evening Redditors!
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2021.09.17 09:12 franxisnaval Hello po need help. I don't know if this is allowed here, but can you answer this quick survey? Thank you po. Need lang for school.

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2021.09.17 09:12 5364YV2 What is completely that feels legal?

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2021.09.17 09:12 SixtyNine47 Guys Im going to Buy this GPU 2nd Hand. Is this result ok for Nvdia ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti eSports gaming graphics card 4GB GDDR5? Please Help me fast im in his house..!

Guys Im going to Buy this GPU 2nd Hand. Is this result ok for Nvdia ASUS Expedition GeForce® GTX 1050 Ti eSports gaming graphics card 4GB GDDR5? Please Help me fast im in his house..! submitted by SixtyNine47 to nvidia [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 09:12 RhadanRJ The Serpent, The Sinner & The Saint #227 - Such a cruel fate

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2021.09.17 09:12 dA_gRiM_gUy Bzzz

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2021.09.17 09:11 HeyItzLucky The trend artists and managers need to ditch... it's getting real old fast.

Managers and Artists confirming release dates and sticking with them/reminding their fans constantly, just to change them last minute without any notice would be like going to theaters to see a movie opening night just to sit down and have them play only trailers and kicking you out afterwards. Like sure we sat you down and hyped you up but that's too bad y'all shouldn't have gotten excited for an announced release date that was also confirmed by more than one person at Grade A.
PATHETIC. FUCK BIBBY. Can believe one of the best artists of our time have one of the literal worst labels in history management wise.
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2021.09.17 09:11 roboticperfection if you’re speeding on a long stretch of road with no hands on the steering wheel will the car drift to the side or stay straight

totally hypothetical question, i saw a scene in bojack horseman where he does it and want to write something similar in a creative writing piece i’m doing, but i want it to be logical you know? i’ve never driven before all my driving knowledge stems from gta 5 but i don’t really want to use it as my source help a bro out
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2021.09.17 09:11 Evilkenevil77 When I was nine years old, I was severely traumatized on Halloween.

Halloween used to be my favorite holiday. Used to be. My therapist recently encouraged me to reach out to others, and get out the things about the trauma I’ve been reliving since childhood. I figure, this subreddit is as good a place as any, and besides, no one here will know who I am. Or at least I hope not. So, on the advice of my therapist, I’m gonna let you guys know what happened.
I was nine years old. It was Halloween, and of course, as always, me and my family had decorated the whole house, from top to bottom. My family was really into it, mostly because of my dad. His love for Halloween apparently started early on from childhood. He always told me he had such good memories on Halloween, and as such, he couldn’t wait each year to get into the spooky spirit. Every year my dad went all out, putting up lights, paper cut outs, and the piece de resistance, the entire front yard covered in spooky animatronics purchased from Spirit Halloween, fake graveyard tombstones, skeletons, spiderwebs, orange and green fairy lights, jack-o-lanterns, and a gratuitous amount of artificial fog.
Thinking back on it now, the guy had to have spent over $700 a year on Halloween decor alone. Our house was decked with various lights, candles, and fake pumpkins. The whole house screamed orange and black. At night, my dad would turn the lights down low and only let the side table lamps be on, which gave the entire house a very cozy, warm feeling that was also strangely eerie at times.
Halloween night was of course, no exception, and the house was dark except for the candles and jack-o-lanterns glowing inside. My dad had turned off the side table lamps to make the house extra dark. We lived just north of Juneau, in Alaska, so this time of year would get dark very soon in the evening because of our latitude. It also meant everyone's Halloween costumes had to revolve around jackets and winter gear, so dressing slutty wasn’t really an option unless you were super drunk. My father usually waited until around 5 o’clock to begin escorting us out to Trick or Treat.
Our small town, although not absolutely filled with people, was similarly filled with the Halloween spirit, so we usually got quite a bit of candy each year. I looked out the window into the darkness of the evening, the sun having sunk below the horizon, its light barely leaking out yellow into the inky blueish-black of the night sky. I could see the orange glow of the neighbor’s jack-o-lanterns, flickering on the steps and porches of their houses. Most houses didn’t even try to compare to my Dad’s house. At the time, my Dad was divorced, and had gotten total custody of me and my sister. My mom as such, was mostly absent, except for weekend visits.
“Daaaaadddd…” I groaned out while looking outside, “When are we heading out?”. I was eager to begin Trick or Treating and stuffing my mouth full of sweets and chocolate. I could hear my sister in the other room laughing while the rustle of fabric mixed in with it. My Dad was busy helping her get her witch costume ready. She had chosen to be a witch when she had seen Hocus Pocus for the first time, and had been a witch every Halloween since. She was only a year younger than me, and always seemed to need my dad’s help with something. “Just a second son,” he called out, “I’ll be out in a second, just wait for a bit, I’m readjusting your sister’s hat.” My dad, on the other hand, this year had decided to be a creepy clown, complete with a mask, and fake bloody knife. “We’re all dressed, hurry up!” I grumbled, and I continued looking outside.
I noticed the lights of the candles burning on the coffee table reflecting on the inside of the window. The house was dark except for their light, and if I was all alone, it would have been creepy in atmosphere. I looked around at the room. The walls were covered in pumpkin cutouts, and bats. The coffee table had a bowl of candy-corn, and a few plastic skulls and spiders, as well as three pumpkin scented candles, whose light blended in with the wood and the walls, making the whole room feel like I was in a horror movie. I tried not to let the chill creeping up my spine bother me, and I held my plastic pumpkin pail next to me. I had chosen to be a vampire that year, complete with cape, white face paint, and plastic teeth with red paint to function as fake blood. I sat waiting, when I heard my sister’s voice suddenly stop. At first, I had not noticed it, but suddenly the house was as silent as the grave. It made me really uneasy, but at the time, I figured my dad and sister were on their way to the living room.
I looked out the window again at the lawn, the orange and purple fairy lights shining out into the darkness, bouncing off the pumpkins, gravestones, fake skeletons, and animatronics. My dad had turned on the fog machine about thirty minutes earlier, and it was busy pumping out a slow moving, thick white fog that slowly slithered its way across the yard before fading like smoke into the street of the neighborhood. My dad’s animatronics stood like demented soldiers, arching over in contorted positions. There were at least ten of them, ranging from Jack Skelington to a giant Grim Reaper with glowing green eyes. There were all the famous big horror movie characters, like Jason, Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street, and of course, Michael Myers.
They typically wouldn’t move unless you tripped off the sensor, and then they’d let out a poorly recorded catch phrase, creak and move, all while playing their respective movie’s iconic music screeching in the background. I watched as three kids dressed up as a ghost, a werewolf, and Spiderman came walking down the street. They walked in front of our yard, and predictably, right in front of an animatronic figure in black, holding a plastic knife. I watched as the animatronic lurched towards the kids and shouted, “I’ll kill you!”. The kids screamed and ran, running to the other side of the street, running all the way out of sight. Those decorations were scary alright.
I looked back inside and yelled, “Dad, come ON! Other kids are already outside, we need to go!”. The house was still silent, and I got up out of annoyance. How long could adjusting a hat take? Stomping out of the dimly lit living room, I walked into the hallway leading to my sister’s room. Suddenly, I heard the doorbell ring. I turned and scampered down the hall to the front door, grabbing a fist full of candy that was inside the small bowl dad had on the floor near the door for such a purpose. I opened the door, and to my surprise, no one was there.
The front lawn was silent, and the fog kept slowly drifting along. I walked out onto the small concrete porch, and looked around for a second. No one was there. I walked forward and down the steps to the side of the house to see if anyone had run off. Again, no one was there. Maybe it had just been some teenagers ding-dong ditching. I shrugged my shoulders and started heading back to the front door. I got to the door and then froze. My eyes glazed over the lawn. Something had caught my eye. The yard. It was off. I looked at it for a second. Something was off. But I couldn’t put my finger on it. I stared at it for a little while, before heading back inside.
Inside, the house was no longer silent. I heard footsteps walking down into the living room.
I smiled and walked up to the hallway where my dad strode in, with his clown mask on.
“Dad, are we finally ready to go?” I asked, looking up at him. He stood there silently and nodded his head.
“Great! Hey, where’s Audrey?”
Audrey was the name of my sister. She was mysteriously absent. My dad pointed behind him. “Ok,” I said, “Well, let’s get her and go.”
Now, I know what you’re thinking. You must be an idiot to not be suspicious of THAT situation. But you don’t get it. You just don’t expect these sorts of things. Halloween is supposed to be fake scary, not real scary. That’s what makes it fun. That’s what used to make it fun.
I walked past my dad casually and into my sister’s room. That’s when Halloween changed for me forever. I opened the door, and the room was empty. Or it had appeared to be so. It was pitch black, and only the dim light of the living room streamed in. I could hardly make out an object in the place. I tried the light switch on the door, but couldn’t find the switch. I only felt what I could only assume was a leather jacket that had been hung there on the wall. It was rough, but soft. No light switch. I glazed my eyes around the dark room. On the floor, I noticed there was a poster board, with black markings on the surface. I couldn’t read what was on it. I looked around the room but couldn’t see anything. The room was empty, so I turned around and walked to the living room. I held the poster board in my hands trying to make out the words as the light from the candles got closer and closer. Surely but slowly, the words became legible. When I finally read what was on the poster, my heart leapt into my throat.
I looked up from the page, trembling. The living room was empty. I slowly turned my head to look around the room, the candle lights flickering, every few seconds making the room a tad bit darker before lighting it up just a little bit more. I whimpered, and looked back at the hallway where I had just come in from. The house was silent. I waited for what felt like an eternity. My heart was beating so fast, it was all I could hear in that quiet, quiet house. I slowly and shakily began to walk towards the front of the house. What was going on? Why had Dad left a note like that? I crept slowly towards the window, which was completely open except for the curtains lazily parted on its sides. I noticed the yard again.I glazed out from afar and got the same uneasy feeling as before.
Suddenly it became obvious what was wrong with it. The animatronics weren’t in the right place, they were off.
I turned back and choked out, “Daddy, where are you?”. I heard a shot ring out from the hallway and I jumped violently. I cried out, and then walked quickly into the hallway to see what had happened. Curiosity killed the cat, as they say. The hallway was empty, but the door to my sister’s room was still ajar, the blackness of the room like a gaping maw. I walked into the room, and I saw some shape in the darkness. I was too frightened to find out what it was. I rushed back into the living room and yanked at the front door. It wouldn’t budge. I looked through the peephole and saw my Dad outside grasping the handle and leaning back to keep it from opening.
I yanked and yanked at the door to no avail. “Let me out Daddy!” I cried out, tears streaming down my face. I out of nowhere heard a knock on the window. One of the so called animatronics was at the window, staring in, with its face up against the glass. It was Michael Myers. I screamed and ran, grabbing a candle, rushing back into the hallway, right into my sister's room. I slammed the door behind me, and the candle nearly went out.
I locked the door and then turned around. What I saw made my breathing completely stop. My sister was on the ground, sprawled out like a doll, her eyes open and a horrific blast wound covering what used to be the left half of her skull. Brain matter, bone, and fresh blood covered the carpet. Her witch hat was on the floor beside her, and her pumpkin pail was tossed to the side of the room. I suddenly found my voice and breath again and began to cry uncontrollably, my heaving chest letting out pathetic moans of shock and agony. I watched in utter horror as the closet doors of my sister's room opened, and two men got out, one holding the gun that had killed her. One was wearing a grim reaper mask, and the other was wearing one of those cheap gorilla masks you find at Walmart.
“Say one more word, and you die.” the gorilla man said. He got up close to me, and put the gun to my chest. “Turn around, unlock the door and go into the living room”. I did as he demanded, clutching the burning candle. It was one of those candles with three wicks, and the melted wax sloshed the sides of the glass container, now hot to the touch. I walked down the hallway, my mind racing. Waiting for me, standing ominously in the room were my Dad and the person wearing the Michael Myers mask.
“Go to your parent.” the gorilla man said.
I walked, my sobs squeezing out the words “Why?”. I stopped in front of him, and looked up at his scary, red nosed clown mask. “Why would you do this dad?”, I wept out, my breath shaky and my chest jerking three or four times with each inhale. My dad stared at me from beneath his clown mask, the hood of his jacket covering any visible part of his face not covered by the mask. He didn’t utter a word. “WHY?!” I belted out, throwing the candle right at him.
The candle fell to the floor and spilled hot wax all over my father, who jumped out the way. The rug it landed on suddenly caught fire, and the two men behind me and the Michael Myers guy backed away from the flames. I backed away too, and the gorilla man lifted his gun at me.
“Now you’ve done it you little piece of shit!” he yelled, and I ducked down to the floor behind the now spreading flames. I heard three or four shots ring out towards me, and heard the bullets whiz by. How they missed me I’ll never know. The flames grew in size rapidly, and the room filled with smoke almost instantly. I heard coughing, and the gorilla man covered his gorilla face with his hand, and stopped shooting the gun. I crawled along the floor, staying low. The four men began coughing and reaching for their faces, while I crawled towards the front door. The room rapidly began to haze over as the smoke from the fire started blocking the remaining candle light, as well as the light of the now large fire. I got up, my face and nose burning from the harsh smoke, and I opened the front door.
Cold, fresh air wooshed into the living room, and I heard a voice yell, “You idiots, he’s getting away!”. Getting past the remaining haze of the front door, I rushed out onto the porch and heard gunshots being fired behind me in my direction. I rushed down the stairs and looked back at the living one last time. The glow of the flames, I saw the face of my father’s mask, desperately grasping at the straps that held it to his face.
The person I had thought was my Dad ripped off their face mask to reveal a face I had never expected in my wildest nightmares. My mother. Her red hair falling out of the hood of the coat, coughing and wheezing as she tried to gain some understanding of her surroundings. The gorilla man was not far from her, he dropped his gun and began to take off his mask too. I turned back, screamed, and began running as fast as I could. I heard the fire alarms in the house begin going off at full volume, as I ran off into the street and down the block. I heard some voices shouting and the distinct sound of my back door opening and slamming shut. I ran faster, and screamed until my voice was raw and my lungs could take no more.
I don’t remember what happened after that. I only know what my neighbors three blocks down from my house told me. Apparently I had come screaming down the block, had beat on their door and then fainted right there on the porch. They had opened the door and seeing me, and my house on fire they had called the police. The police had come, and so had the fire department. Apparently, that fire was the first four-alarm fire the town had experienced in nearly 25 years. The whole neighborhood had come to see the house burst into flames.
It apparently took nearly three hours to put it out, but it had been such an intense fire it had all but burned the place to the ground. They also had, as my neighbors told me, made the grisly discovery of the charred remains of my sister and father, both in my sister’s room. I don’t know how I missed him. According to police he had been in the room with her, next to the door, trying to block the flames from entering the room. What absolute bull.
The last thing I remember, I was pulled into an interrogation room with two cops, and they asked me a bunch of questions about what had happened. I told them all about the strange men and my mother, and my sister being dead. But they wouldn’t listen, they kept telling me it was an electrical fire caused by all the electronics my father had set up in the yard. I kept trying to tell them what I saw but they refused to listen to me. Eventually, the state troopers stepped into the room, and I was taken away by a social worker. They would eventually go on to make me a ward of the state.
I was moved to Washington State and put into an orphanage. The events of that day have haunted me for more than 19 years. I still have nightmares. Why did my Mom do such a thing? I can only reason the divorce and losing custody of had driven her to do this. If she couldn't have us no one could. But how did she get those men to help her? I am bothered by the fact that one of the officers in the interrogation room was mysteriously missing his gun. Thank God the State troopers came in when they did. But maybe I'm wrong. There are so many unanswered questions.
As for Halloween? I don’t have anything to do with it anymore. The fear of dying was real for me that day. I don’t care how much fun you think you’re having, these things happen when you least expect them. Always double check the things around, ESPECIALLY on Halloween. It’s a time when you least expect it. What disturbs me the most are the little realizations I’ve had as I have gotten older. As I’ve gotten older, I have realized something about my sister's room that night when I entered it, something that shakes me to my very core.
That wasn’t a jacket on the wall next to the door.
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2021.09.17 09:11 SadlyHappyRedditor Why tf do I have wrinkles 💀

The one that's from the side.of the nose to mouth
I hate it, it's so obvious
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