R.I.P. NORM MACDONALD. ONE OF THE GREATEST CANADIAN COMEDIANS OF OUR TIME WHO LOVED HOCKEY. OCT 17, 1959 - SEPT. 14, 2021 submitted by astroboy652 to CalgaryFlames [link] [comments]

2021.09.17 08:10 AMGtrojan63 [Looking For] Cheaper watch version of Hublot Fusion

I recently fell in love with the Hublot Fusion as pictured but there is no way I can afford a 7k watch.
Does anyone have any recommendations of a much cheaper watch that looks the same?
My budget is around 500.
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2021.09.17 08:10 AnnieMoritz1998 Trading old toys

Duck balloon Unicorn stroller Horse plush Octopus plush Caticorn rattle
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2021.09.17 08:10 Dccirca1538 (WTS) Right To Bear Black Nitride Enhanced 7.62x39 BCG (AZ)

This BCG has less than 10 rounds on it. Comes with Black Rifle Arms enhanced firing pin https://imgur.com/a/s1fqVRZ
Prices include shipping
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2021.09.17 08:10 beardlesshipster Daily Song Discussion #197: Tea Bag Blues

This is the sixteenth track from Wilco and Billy Bragg’s final collaborative album, Mermaid Avenue Vol. III. How do you feel about this song? What are some of your favorite lyrics? How would you rank it among the rest of the band’s discography? How would you rate it out of 10 (decimals allowed)?
Studio version
SUGGESTED SCALE: 1-4: Not good. Regularly skip. 5: It’s okay, but I might have to be in the right mood to listen to it. 6: Slightly better than average. I won’t skip it, but I wouldn’t choose to put it on. 7: This is a good song. I enjoy it quite a bit. 8-9: Really enjoyable songs. I rank them pretty high overall. 10: Masterpiece, magnum opus, or similar terminology.
Rating Results 1. Bugeye Jim: 6.98/10 2. When the Roses Bloom Again: 8.67/10 3. Gotta Work: 4.78/10 4. My Thirty Thousand: 6.98/10 5. Ought to Be Satisfied Now: 3.83/10 6. Listening to the Wind That Blows: 7.11/10 7. Go Down to the Water: 4.17/10 8. Chain of Broken Hearts: 6.5/10 9. Jailcell Blues: 6/10 10. Don’t You Marry: 5.13/10 11. Give Me a Nail: 4.29/10 12. The Jolly Banker: 6.38/10 13. Union Prayer: 6.75/10 14. Be Kind to the Boy on the Road: 4.75/10 15. Ain’ta Gonna Grieve: 4.88/10 16. Tea Bag Blues:
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2021.09.17 08:10 Indygoose S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald

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2021.09.17 08:10 bongmbaalain Purchasing my first TJ.

Hi, a couple of questions. I live in Houston,TX. 1. Can i realistically find a Jeep TJ under 150k miles in good condition for about 6k USD? Good big tires and a decent interior with ofcourse AC. 2. Is now a good time to get a TJ or wait a while first with these high prices? Basically are these prices i see TJ prices or the high prices of the second hand market we are seeing everywhere? 3. I have been thinking about buying one for a while now as a daily(i work from home so no commute and all). I do have no kids, for now, just the wife. Any advice for anyone who does this? 4. I may take one long range trip a month. Maye Houston to San Antonio. Is there anyone who has done this in a TJ? How was gas? Ride? Etc.. Thanks.
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2021.09.17 08:10 Fortniteman5 A few issues with mod assistant

I use mod assistant on beat saber and when I try to download songs with it I can't, everything on the homepage says song not found and nothing comes up when I search, my second issue is that I can't press play. To play a song I need to go to practice and then click play. (Sorry for my bad English. It isn't my main language)
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2021.09.17 08:10 kashiviral NCT 127 - Breakfast Lyrics (English Translation)

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2021.09.17 08:10 Ralfop Slimming Losing Weight Essential Oils Description Essential Oil Type: Compound Essential Oil Item Type: Essential Oil Product categories: Compound essential oils The main ingredient: Grapefruit Effect: Slmming, weight loss, body shaping Care site: Chest, buttocks, legs, neck, waist, feet, face,

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2021.09.17 08:10 flopsyplum The "Return" key on keyboards should be reinforced to compensate for users hitting it extra hard

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2021.09.17 08:10 itchyKnuckls1 I think this looks amazing

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2021.09.17 08:10 Jout92 Bitcoin at 2 Million

I think we need to talk more about what a world with fully adopted Bitcoin will look like. Now it's impossible to say wht the target price for full adoption will be as on its way to full adoption, the USD will collapse anyway. Back in 2009 Hal Finney made a really rough estimate that Bitcoin could be come worth 10 Million per coin (in 2009 Dollars, now equal to 12.4 Million, not counting this years inflation) but it will be a long way till then and also the global economy will be completely different by then (interplanetary economy? Maybe not, but maybe we'll get a lunar economy by then)
But since a common criticism for Bitcoin is that the only reason why people invest in Bitcoin are because they want to get rich quick and dump when Bitcoin becomes worth so much it won't do an x10 anymore I think we should talk more about what a world would look like that actually adopted Bitcoin and prices things in Bitcoin.
So let's go to the year 20XX, Bitcoin is valued at 2 Million and it's sufficiently adopted that the average Joe is aware of Bitcoin and uses it in every day life to purchase things, gets paid in Bitcoin and thinks in SATs. I really only picked 2 Million for convenience because it's a graspable goal, Bitcoin would be at a market cap of 40 Trillion which is roughly the market size of all physical money (still not even close to real estate or stock market) and because at 2 Million per BTC 50 Satoshi is equivalent to 1 Dollar and that's a price range we can think about.
So when you buy Ice cream in 20XX you don't pay 1 Dollar, you pay 50 Satoshi. Your net salary isn't 2k USD, it's 10k Sats. A house doesn't cost 500k USD, but 25 Millions Sats or a quarter of a Bitcoin. One thing you'll notice in a world like this, is prices will go down with time, not up. Instead of paying 1.10 USD next year for Icecream, now I've costs 45 SATs instead of 50 SATs. This also means your salary will become worth more with time and instead of asking for a raise every year from your boss to combat inflation, your boss will ask you to negotiate a salary decrease every year. Sounds annoying at first, but realize this shifts power to the worker and you should talk to your boss about your salary every year ANYWAY. Only this time the cards are in your favor and your boss has to make you understand that it's necessary to decrease your salary because of deflation instead of you asking your boss for a raise because of inflation. Workers are now the first to benefit from economic growth but also the average person will be much more educated on the economy. Next you'll notice the stocks market becomes a lot more stable. Since Bitcoin is the best store of value there is no reason to speculate money into low performing companies. Investments in companies will become much more mindful and people will look at real value production again, because the only reason you'd convert Bitcoin into stocks is because you expect a company to earn you more Bitcoin. This will mean a lot of zombie companies that don't add any value to society but drain value from it, propped up by cheap inflating money will drop out and we're going to be left with real value producing companies and have a much more robust economy overall. This will mean however that growth will be slower, but we won't see any boom and bust cycles anymore. You won't be able as a generation to take out a hundred Trillion Dollar loan, live a life above your value output and hand the bill to your kids (Sorry for all you guys that dreamt to become the next Boomer generation).
This will affect not just the stock market but many asset markets. Speculation on commodities will go down, because why would you hoard oil, silver and gold when you can just hold Bitcoin. The housing market will come down. While obviously people will always need homes, they will be purchased by people that actually want to live in them and not by people that prop their value up with 0 interest loans and letting you pay for it with rent. Houses are illiquid and have maintainance cost a huge part of the real estate market is its store of value aspect. If you can reliably store money in Bitcoin a lot of reasons why people who already have a lot of houses to buy more houses go away. Real estate will reflect real demand again and rent will go down for the same reason.
All in all the entire world will suddenly feel so much easier to the average person. Banks won't really exist anymore and you won't hear about the government bailing out a failing bank that lied about Billions and stole millions of customer money. Money will actually mean what most people think money means. You won't have to inebt your children and children's children just so you can afford to live. Instead you will partake in economic growth in real time.
This is what I imagine a Bitcoin future to be like. I wonder if many other people think like this too or what you people think a Bitcoin world will look like
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2021.09.17 08:10 CanterburyMag Computershare is pissing me off as us grits cant fight alongside our American friends no more.

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2021.09.17 08:10 hopecoperope1 Periods suck but they sure do such extra hard because all I can think of is him around those days

Man i just wanna be normal and not sad
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2021.09.17 08:10 relaxed_laser Can I have water touch my eyes after a cyst surgery?

So as the title says, yesterday I had a cyst removal surgery from my upper eyelids
I have prayers to do so I’m required to wash my face before I can do my prayer, and was wondering whether can I have water hit my eye.
The cut of the cyst is on the underside of the eyelid.
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2021.09.17 08:10 teriyakibeansprout Just woke up from the worst lucid nightmare I’ve ever had

God I hate lucid dreaming. It almost only happens when I’m extremely stressed (which is a lot) and most often results in nightmares.
This one started off normal. I was with my boyfriend - the only thing that changed was what his house looked like. It was very nice, until suddenly I began to feel extremely heavy and increasingly less real. The derealization was insanely intense, and I couldn’t quite place it at first. For the entire first half of the dream, I just thought I was going crazy - and it felt ridiculously real. I was waking up, going about my day, then going back to sleep and waking up again without leaving that same dream. My sense of self would rarely come back to me, and the brain fog never left. I would try to do homework but I couldn’t because the way the phone screen functioned was unsettling and driving me crazy. In the dreams, I’d get memory gaps. As if I was shifting from one version of myself to another As this got worse, more and more people left me and developed some strange anger towards me, starting with my boyfriend. I remember begging and pleading with them to stay - that there was something seriously wrong with my brain and I needed help, but no one listened. There was only one person who stuck around, but she wasn’t someone familiar. I have no idea who she was.
At some point, the realization dawned on me that I was dreaming. That is why I felt so strange - I was painfully aware of what dreaming feels like. I remember thinking “how long have I been sleeping? I’ve been here for days.” The rest of the time is me desperately trying to wake up, but continuing to wake up in my dream thinking it was real at first until the realization dawned on me. Every time, the mystery girl was there to coax me back to sleep and wish me luck on waking up.
This was a four hour nap. Ridiculous.
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2021.09.17 08:10 StixxxyIcky Ps4 Madden league starting now…..join discord and get your teams while they’re hot!

Reg league, start when full, no cheesers/griefers. Let’s play some football boys, join discord

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2021.09.17 08:10 Schpaghetti-monster [friendship] hey, if ur looking for a friend, I can possibly be that friend

Hit me up in the DMs and if we vibe without each other we can become the best of friends. By the way I’m 18
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2021.09.17 08:10 Timyaa What's something you want your girlfriend/bf to do but can't tell her cause you're a man?

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2021.09.17 08:10 bigboibogai can Rick Ashley have an award

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2021.09.17 08:10 Tr3y_L3g3nds The Galaxy Gang (Guardians Of The Galaxy Sitcom)

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2021.09.17 08:10 SlavaChvi Drew Barrymore & Ex Will Kopelman Reunite To Take Their…

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2021.09.17 08:10 EquinoxDev Should I retake GRE?

I have a score of 152V 170Q and sadly 3.0 in AWA, I am applying for MS CS programs and have a IELTS score of 8.0 should I give the GRE again to improve verbal and AWA score
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2021.09.17 08:10 davect01 Angelous jusy showed up (Season 2)

Shits about to get real.
He is probably still my favorite antagonist of the whe series.
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