The Giants Trying to Give Their Fans a Win.

2021.09.17 08:03 WorldNewsinPictures The Giants Trying to Give Their Fans a Win.

The Giants trying to give their fans a win. I'm so high I almost reached towards my computer screen. Stay hydrated folks.... MORE ->
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2021.09.17 08:03 MarshScarf My teacher has achieved something unexplainably yes

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2021.09.17 08:03 disxrect [PS4] H: 19 Nuclear Keycards W: 600 per card (11,400 Caps for all)

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2021.09.17 08:03 American_Communist22 Some of y'all wanna look into this?

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2021.09.17 08:03 Ready-Bat-8824 Recap of 8/24/21 Podcast : “What’s One More Uncomfortable Conversation with Emmanuel Acho” Spoiler: zero uncomfortable conversations were had.

Emmanuel Acho is the host of a You Tube series called “Difficult Conversations with a Black Man” and now author of a book with the same title. He has been on numerous excellent podcasts like Dr. Brené Brown’s, and I’ve heard him facilitate actual difficult conversations very well. The only difficult aspect of this 26-minute podcast was the fact that he appeared to be charmed by these two cuckoos and sugar coated the concept of cultural appropriation to make them comfortable. One tiny silver lining was that he uses people’s first names a great deal when speaking with them, so he called Hillary “Ill-AIRY-uh” like 20 times. Also, Hillary was using the light to medium Spanish accent with full baby voice, so this was a labor of love, Pepinos.
· From the beginning to 18 minutes in they talk about race in the Black/White binary and the Baldwins as privileged White folks don’t have much to say. Then, in response to Acho’s comments about the general tendency of White and Black folks to interact with members of their own race due to systemic racism, Ill-AIRY-uh perks up:
· Hillary (18:26) I think also people are afraid of the mixing or immersing themselves because they don’t want to be labeled as culturally appropriating.
· Acho (19:50) [Talks about integration and people gravitating to each other because of their shared history and experience] Cultural appropriation is the most difficult concept to explain…The fine line of cultural appropriation is citing your sources [goes hard with a metaphor of 3 tricks people use for writing papers: increase font size, bring in margins, and use lengthy direct quotes. Hillary crows “Yes! Yes!” & cackles.]
· Alec (20:44) You’ve made my wife smile more than I’ve seen her smile in the last several months, by the way. Thank you for that. (Is it bad that it makes me happy that she’s been pouting for months?)
· Acho (21:02) If you quote another author and you don’t cite your sources that is called plagiarism… Cultural appropriation: if you want to borrow a Black hairstyle, don’t attribute the Black hairstyle to Bo Derek. Understand the Black hairstyle is actually a West African hairstyle of Fulani braids. [Keeps going in this vein with more examples and puts Kim Kardashian on blast. Sir, the White lady with lip injections and a fake tan is RIGHT THERE. ] Why, Hilaria, are lip injections one of the most highly sought-after things in California and America? The same thing that Black people were being mocked, mimicked, and ridiculed for is what now influencers are being praised for.
· Hillary (22:16) It’s now sexy, right. (Ma’am, have several seats).
· Acho (22:20) Cultural appropriation is not a matter of borrowing one’s culture, but it’s borrowing one’s culture without citing the source. (Mr. Acho, you need to rethink this whole metaphor – it’s crap.)
· Hillary (22:28) So do you feel that we should be able to immerse ourselves as long as we cite? [Doesn’t wait for answer but this may be an editing thing] So if I go get braids and I say, well I’m quoting this culture, would that be ok or not ok?
· Acho (22:42) Well, I’ll say it like this. One, we live in a hyperly [sic] sensitive culture [Hillary: Right!] to where you almost have to go above and beyond just to make sure you are protected and insulated from any sort of backlash. I think if you were going to cite the hairstyle as anything you might want to say your inspiration for it. If you were going to post a super unique hairstyle, it would just be like, wanted to try this out, kudos to wherever it started for inspiring this look. But keep in mind, we’re in such a sensitive culture where people just feel like getting upset that I cannot guarantee you will not be insulated form backlash. (What the actual fuck?!? She steals a whole ass culture and it’s not her fault? It’s the fault of the “sensitive culture” we live in? My head exploded. This is the blurb that will justify her grift in her mind. The fact that Acho is concerned with protecting this mentirosa who is commodifying a language and a culture to appear exotic and special is disgusting).
· Hillary: Right, right. (Her takeaway: “you deserve to be protected and insulated”)
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2021.09.17 08:03 Ishana74 LandOrc mission is to make your cryptocurrency business

LandOrc mission is to make your cryptocurrency business more convenient and secure! LandOrc believes that the possibilities for blockchain are limitless, yet unrealized in the current market #LandOrc $LORC #DeFi #NFTs, #Realty #Property #Landtitle #staking
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2021.09.17 08:03 baxterrocky Sean Connery fights Dwayne Johnson’s grandfather in the 1967 Bond film - You Only Live Twice.

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2021.09.17 08:03 Rainyrain90 What is that sound?

Bought a brand new hyundai i30 n line and when i accelerate during the acceleration when the pedel is pressed down i sometimes hear this super satisfying psssst sound from the back of the car, i belive that its coming from an exhaust. What exactly makes this sound and why do i only hear it sometimes, not always when accelerating? Because id like to hear it always 😅
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2021.09.17 08:03 Capokid Looking for a new ship

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2021.09.17 08:03 Im_that_bitch_been Please help with an ID:)

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2021.09.17 08:03 defjoek Looking for Uxie 😁 1262 8274 4461

Can invite for mesprit in return
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2021.09.17 08:03 marafinga 3 5 oy uğruna bu yapılmamalı.

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2021.09.17 08:03 Silver-Mortgage5695 uxie raid add me first 10

4104 6090 0817
1360 3787 4040
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2021.09.17 08:03 AbbreviationsSad4996 BabyParis just fair launched!! | 💲 5% $BUSD Reflection | 3% Buyback to make sure we break ATH easily each time | Based team | Get in now!!

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With the marketing fund, we make sure each time we spend it, we let the community choose what they want. We have line somethings up just for a push.
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2021.09.17 08:03 YKRed Johnny Cash's first performance of "Man in Black"

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2021.09.17 08:03 matthewgb402 Guess I’m a better liar than I thought. Still got my new temple recommend even though I’m far from “worthy” (re posting since my other one want blurred enough)

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2021.09.17 08:03 michaelxgregory H: Tro25ffr25v Fixer W: Apparel Offers

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2021.09.17 08:03 Someoneinearth67 Denison admission

Guys, is anyone know smth about that Denison secretly have Rolling admission?
Am an international student, I asked someone that had applied to Denison last year in ED and he told me they rejected him after only 3 days??
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2021.09.17 08:03 SCPFANBOY56 I don't like using "Meta-strats"

Simply because, If I do, I'll just feel like just another sweat. I play ranked Duel Links matches and it's basically me being the victim in "When you get a REALLY good turn in a card game" by ProZD. It's NEVER fun, and it's SO FURSTRATING. I have good decks, but I feel like I don't have enough cards to make a top-tier deck, but I want a top-tier deck that won't end a match in one turn, that's not fun at all, I like challenges, but only if the challenge isn't one-sided. Not asking for anyone to convince me on anything, but this is definitely an ice-breaker.
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2021.09.17 08:03 lafresita12 la la la

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2021.09.17 08:03 khmerxbxboi [TECHNO] JAYA - воскрешения (resurrections)

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2021.09.17 08:03 Whitexan16 Gif. Gonna delete soon.

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2021.09.17 08:03 KingPhoenixOfDeepIce Since I've been trying to get speedwagon and other jojo memes on this sub I thought that I should change my background music on my vids to the s1 jojo opening... I've fully committed

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2021.09.17 08:03 SnooTangerines7865 How do I get a job with these criteria?

I am in NJ. I am under 18 but I am EMT certified. Is it possible for me to get a job under 18 which pays?
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2021.09.17 08:03 MahboiGMK Pikachu doesn't have a good recovery in SSBU

Whenever I search who has the best recovery in Ultimate, I always get Pikachu. It's so annoying, because it's not the best. Firstly, his Side B is very predictable. Any idiot can go offstage and counter Pikachu's Side B and send them flying. Second, his Up B might be hard to gimp, but when used with only the first part, it's dogshit. There are characters with much better recoveries than Pikachu. Banjo, Pit, even King K Rool all have better recoveries. People only say Pikachu has the best recovery because they're biased towards the little rat.
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