Rookburgh started soft opening! [F.L.Y., Phantasialand]

2021.09.17 09:04 Youre_Dreaming Rookburgh started soft opening! [F.L.Y., Phantasialand]

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2021.09.17 09:04 Mysterious-You6446 Flowering string of hearts!!!

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2021.09.17 09:04 marso0919 Hermosa

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2021.09.17 09:04 stirfriedlungs100 Ubereats walker in Toronto

So basically, to those people who are either currently doing ubereats by walker medium or have any past experiences with it, what's your daily average like? What hours do you work? Which location do you hover around?
I have recently started doing it in the Chinatown area mostly from 4pm - 8pm ish. And I barely get like 2-3 orders. Sometimes I'd go 2 hours with just 1 order.
Idk what I'm doing wrong. Any tips/advice would be very very much appreciated. Thank you!
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2021.09.17 09:04 AbbreviationsSad4996 BabyParis just fair launched!! | 💲 5% $BUSD Reflection | 3% Buyback to make sure we break ATH easily each time | Based team | Get in now!!

Name: BabyParis
Symbol: BabyParis
📜 Contract : 0xa81855bb8daaf379f1c810a9094608192056acc6
BabyParis reflecting you 5% $BUSD with every transaction.
1% Max Buy & Sell at any point of time to prevent whales and dumps.
3% BUYBACK to make sure we explode throught ATHs!! 🔒 100% LP locked.
💲 5% $BUSD Reflection
💧 3% BuyBack to make sure we break every ATH on the way
🐋 Anti-Whale mechanism to limit buys | 2% Max Wallet, Max txn 1%
🥡Anti-Dump mechanism, max 1% can be sold at 1 time
💩 Poocoin Banner, Tiktok, Reddit, Twitter, YouTube Marketing
︻デ═一 All Major coinsite listing + Upvote
CoinGecko🦎: Once we hit 200k Market Cap
CMC: Minimally requires 2.6k HODLERS, may take up to 1-2 weeks depending on the volume
5% $BUSD Reflection
3% Buyback
2% Marketing
With the marketing fund, we make sure each time we spend it, we let the community choose what they want. We have line somethings up just for a push.
🗣 Bi-Hourly Trending CMS posts with upvotes | Make sure we trend on top
💩 PooCoin banner ads the next day
🔥 15k+ Call group paid exposure
⏰ TikTok influencer promos
🐦 Twitter Influencers
📹 YouTube influencer promos
📊 Dextools trending – Will get external help
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔒 100% LP LOCKED:
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2021.09.17 09:04 ashmute 210917 V on Weverse

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2021.09.17 09:04 mangowow24 Medicated CBD??

medicated CBD?
anybody heard of this brand? i was hanging with my cousin and asked to hit her vape. she casually told me it had CBD in it, which i thought nothing of. i took two drags and ended up having a panic attack and then i got a really uncomfy/paranoid feeling. i then noticed my cousins eyes were very red and her voice sounded like she was high, if you know what i mean.
now, i’m very familiar with both delta 9 and 8, as well as CBD. this crap didn’t feel like ANY of them. i googled and found one post saying it’s suspected to have synthetic junk in it.
does anyone have any experience with this stuff? i never would’ve hit it if i had known.
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2021.09.17 09:04 sketchmasterstudios Why do all the inquisitors use those lightsabers. Wouldn’t many be used to using regular Jedi lightsabers.

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2021.09.17 09:04 isshyy GEN MATH!! Future Value of General Annuities (p.s. i do have an answer but im not sure)

Suppose you deposit 1000 at the end of every month for 2 years in a bank account providing 5% annual interest compounded monthly. What is the worth of your account at the end of 2 years?
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2021.09.17 09:04 No-Bid-6050 Could XRP pump in a bear market if they win the lawsuit?

XRP’s price has been stifled for so long by this lawsuit. There are so many gains that have yet to be unleashed if things go in their favor.
Let’s say this lawsuit drags on into 2022 during a bear market. If XRP wins, do you think it’ll still pump? Will the gains be as explosive as if they won in this bull market?
I’d also like to hear your thoughts on the lawsuit in general. I can see this going one of three ways: XRP loses, XRP wins, or they settle and get a slap on the wrist. I’d be interested in knowing which of these you might think happen, as well as what each of these outcomes could do to price.
Regardless of the outcome, I still believe in XRP and even if they lose, I believe they will succeed in the long term. The tech is just too good to not be adopted. The use case is so strong and institutions are coming in to adopt. There’s even talks of the UK using XRP, along with two other cryptos to create their digital GBP in the next 5 years. Talk about bullish.
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2021.09.17 09:04 PiccoloValuable8730 i am trash pls help me

looking for raids 5042 2805 4577
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2021.09.17 09:04 IndigoPlum Happy Birthday u/MK-Gaming-YT!

Happy birthday u/MK-Gaming-YT Have an amazing day and here's to another year of being you! Xxxxx
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2021.09.17 09:04 -Hiemi Any tips on how to make my party stronger?

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2021.09.17 09:04 AnimaBoi9393 Enter The Animus - 'Disconnected'

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2021.09.17 09:04 Lilfoc kucoin transfer in the mist

side not me previous post was deleted for some reason...
anyways i tried transferring my Shiba out of kucoin to coinbase through KCC and it hasn't arrived. i did some further research and now looks like coinbase doesnt accept KCC transfers so does that mean my coins are just gone in the mist? is there any way to get my Shiba back?
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2021.09.17 09:04 Cropitekus Russian aggression is terrifying

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2021.09.17 09:04 Greninja05 question about crow regaining his old memories

if crow would actually get back his memories,would he actually become uldren sov with crow memories,or crow with uldre sov memories,im asking this since crow isn't an uldren without his memories,instead he's another person with new memories
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2021.09.17 09:04 Only_Property_6711 Does anyone else suddenly get overwhelmed by the sudden awareness that they exist in the present moment?

I feel like no one would really understand this unless they get this form of DR, but it's ass. Literally I was walking back to my dorm from one of my classes earlier, right? I kept thinking "Holy shit, this is actually me, i actually exist" and I start feeling like I'm in a dream state
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2021.09.17 09:04 seanfish AITD happy update: A woman who refused to give her partner's daughter her own room actually realised she was the devil and got it right

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2021.09.17 09:04 FullOJelly Delta 8 on a drug test need advice?

So I haven't smoked actual bud since april cause I started smoking the delta 8 carts. I hit those carts about twice a day pretty much every day up until 3 weeks ago I took a break. I noticed I had a little bit left in one so I slowly finished it took me about 4 days but I haven't smoked in about a week and a half and since then I've been drinking way more water, and cranberry juice. I'm also pretty active as well. I'm asking how much longer I may have to wait cause I wanna fill out for a new job but I won't until I can at least pass a at home one which I recently did one and failed. Any tips on speeding up the process I hope to be clean next week when I do the next one but I'm not sure now.
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2021.09.17 09:04 thepigeonexpress Indonesia intensifies patrols around after detecting Chinese and US war ships in nearby international waters • The Pigeon Express

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2021.09.17 09:04 Ch3rno_Alpha Post MOASS, how are we apes gonna protect our earnings if the US dollar crashes aswell?

Some things I’ve seen are Convert to crypto, invest in physical assets, precious metals or even other nations currency not tied to the USD.
I think it would be smart if the big brain apes could put together a guide for us smooth Brains 💪🏻
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2021.09.17 09:04 tinkerbelle93 Energy healer cut cords with my ancestry line

I have had a tough childhood due to my family, but I have found a place to forgive everyone and I love each family member regardless. My energy healer picked up on my stressed family ties, and said she cut my ancestral ties because she said the karma from those relationships have already been sorted out and I no longer need the ties. Does this sound alarming to you guys? Will I still be able to see them one day when we’ve all passed? Does this procedure make sense to you?
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2021.09.17 09:04 Mojmir_R Help the xDai team decide how will the future STAKE token logo look like.

  1. Join the xDai Discord (
  2. Go to the stake-logo-vote channel.
  3. Vote for one of the three logo options with the ❤️ emoji.
Please note that none of the three doesn't need to be the final design. If you have any comments on the logo designs or any other ideas, please discuss them in the #stake channel in Discord.
Thank you!
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2021.09.17 09:04 toryblack1997 Una vaccona

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