[English] Ch. 4-4 Titania: Slam! Procell: Jam! Aurora: "FAMILY"

2021.09.17 10:07 DeepDarkFantasia [English] Ch. 4-4 Titania: Slam! Procell: Jam! Aurora: "FAMILY"

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2021.09.17 10:07 HumansAreTheShit The 12 Labours of Hercules Explained | Hercules Documentary [50:31]

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2021.09.17 10:07 Chai80085 Fallout New Vegas : if you kill someone using a stimpak they’ll die with it in their hand

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2021.09.17 10:07 hoangson0403 People with consistent profits, is it really sustainable?

If it is, did you find a holy grail or is it tons of work with constant observation, tweaking and changing your setup?
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2021.09.17 10:07 sheetsjohn16 Smart Contracts Behind The Scenes: Reverse Engineering The "Approve" Function

Hey guys!
Today I am super excited to post this first video in a special series of videos that I am going to make. We are going to reverse engineer some smart contracts of PancakeSwap Platform in order to get a deep understanding of how the day-to-day functions that we use on the platform work on the backstage.

Here is the video:

I believe that understanding how DEFI apps work, is very important for several reasons:

  1. It involves real money and you want to know what going on there
  2. It's interesting
  3. You can get more DEFI education and avoid scam and fraud projects that way
  4. You can build your own DEFI app in the future ;)

In the first video in the series, we will analyze and reverse engineer the Approve function that exists everywhere in DEFI Dapps and PancakeSwap in particular.

We will understand today:
  1. What is the Approve function and how it works
  2. Why it's important
  3. How to revoke given access for smart contracts from spending your tokens.

Please let me know what you think about these kinds of videos and if it was helpful!
Thanks <3
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2021.09.17 10:07 KTitania Jagged Alliance 1: Gold Edition - FREE Game

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2021.09.17 10:07 Crookodile Great Value Bolt

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2021.09.17 10:07 theslain What’s your stance on Climate Change activists?

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2021.09.17 10:07 HarshivPlayz_2008 Maybe this break is for the halloween update IDK

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2021.09.17 10:07 pbartley89 Need help!

Witches/psychics/mediums of Reddit - I need your help! I’ve been experiencing some strange things lately and I’m trying to figure out what they mean:

  1. The last two nights I’ve woken up to a shadow figure by my window, which feels like a masculine presence (it’s happened before). There have been 3 occasions in total over the last 2 nights, one of which they were crouched down on the floor but I checked and couldn’t see anything where they had been crouched. Also, I normally have at least 1 vivid dream every single night, but the nights the shadow figure has been in my room I’ve not remembered any dreams - this is HIGHLY unusual for me.
  2. So many synchronicities to the point where me and my partner have been laughing about them. I also keep seeing the times 22:22 and 11:11 during my day.
  3. Wasps getting into our home somehow, but we’re unable to find their entry (they’re either dying or I’m finding them already dead).
  4. So…many…flies and spiders - yet we’re very clean and don’t leave food out
  5. My depression and anxiety have been SEVERE and I’m basically unable to concentrate on much of anything. I’m completely withdrawn and don’t want to see or speak to anyone. My energy is zapped and I have no motivation.
  6. I literally feel like something is trying to contact me, I feel a presence around me but it doesn’t feel malicious - it is putting me on edge though.
I’d be really grateful if someone could please help me out and give me some advice, I’m really sure what to do about it!
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2021.09.17 10:07 xM1haix Mod for map and chest that won t interact with game

Hi there! I need a mod that will auto sort my inventary and chest items. A mod for map , to see where "history" of all places that i walk and a mod for minimap around me. And some help with instaling all of this on 1.16.5 Java edition on windows 10
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2021.09.17 10:07 blackcatjo Life is hard at school

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2021.09.17 10:07 louichua i dont know what i did or if it’ll survive but my fallen leaf has roots!!

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2021.09.17 10:07 Noir-Phantomville Which prodigy (Like Mozart or Évariste Galois) who died early you wish lived longer and why?

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2021.09.17 10:07 WATERISWETTNIG Apex servers kick me from the game and then give me an abandon penalty

This is like the 3rd time today, do I just stop playing because there seem to be no solutions coming anytime soon.
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2021.09.17 10:07 NatesLovely not eating til carti drops challenge

fucking carti
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2021.09.17 10:07 two_in_the_stink *Confused Screams Intensity*

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2021.09.17 10:07 TheRustyS 4 years later, pls

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2021.09.17 10:07 rhtkmr050 Why are San Marcos law firms famous for being the best living trust attorney?

Our goal is to develop and maintain a long-term relationship with our clients so that we can become a trusted advisor to there families. We’ve heard somewhere that peace of mind is an honest man’s pillow and peace of mind is what we strive to provide. To know more about Estate planning attorney san marcos ca https://tailoredlegal.com/practice-areas/protect-your-assets/wills-trusts/
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2021.09.17 10:07 sugaasweeet Old fling is engaged

So, last year after I got out of a toxic relationship, I met this guy who I thought we could take things slow? We had talked about it and all. I thought we were on the same page. I was iffy towards him at first, like it was awkward, he wasn’t someone I’d typically go for. And I could feel myself having trouble opening up to him and getting comfortable. Which I thought maybe it was because what I had gone through that my walls were just up. We would spend our days off together, we both worked nights so it worked out. Still very shy around him. I wasn’t really excited to see him, I was still scared to go over to his house. We would drink, watch scary movies and he even learned how to play one of my favorite video games, it was nice. I enjoyed his company. One night I had left to get food, he was looking on the app for what he wanted and I saw he still had the Tinder app on his phone, I didn’t really look that deep into it, didn’t ask questions, left it alone. He said he had deleted it before. Well, one night, we were drinking, I got a little more wasted then him. I was on the couch, he was in the kitchen on his phone eating. We get ready for bed, I’m in the bathroom brushing my teeth, I’m getting in my feelings over my ex, I’m not crying but I’m like getting teary eyed. I go to lay next to him, he’s on his phone, he’s exiting out of all his apps and one of them is Tinder…. I left it alone, apart of me didn’t care but then I was upset more, and I was kinda crying a little more. I wish I could of left bc I would of but since I had been drinking obvi no. I ask him about it and he said he wasn’t talking to anyone, that he wasn’t sure if he was ready for a relationship and that he would let me know on FUCKING THANKSGIVING. Like are you serious? It took me finding out he was on Tinder instead of him growing a pair and being honest. I thought about cutting it off but I was like nooo don’t self sabotage leave it alone. Give it time. Well, jump to January and he’s in a relationship. And I just looked on his page and he’s engaged 😂😂
Also, I spent his birthday w him somewhat, there had been plans to go out to eat that night, and he wanted me to go, but for some reason, I had a bad pimple, I guess cystic acne at the time bc my face was swollen on one side, he took to meet some of his friends, I was shy, felt hideous bc of my face. I had no makeup on either. And he kinda was bothered bc I didn’t feel comfortable going to the dinner and meeting all his friends and friends of his friends. Like he said he was gonna give me time but then it’s like he expected me to too soon I think. It wasn’t enough time. It had been a few weeks since we met and all. Also, me and my ex never went out in public together either so it was new he wanted to go out w me.
But overall I guess it was a friends w benefits typaa thing 😂 idk lol. But I hate people who use not ready for a relationship as an excuse
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2021.09.17 10:07 Steefz95 Volume 100!!! 😍🎉

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2021.09.17 10:07 ronakd456 What are your favorite shows on Hulu?

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2021.09.17 10:07 GangesGuzzler69 I am once again asking you to get vaccinated

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2021.09.17 10:07 koinaturesabode Creature 4k Wildlife Videography | A Beautiful Natures Abode For Bird An...

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2021.09.17 10:07 Glittering_Ad_2887 Another meme from me, folks

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