Not Using Wheel

2021.09.17 09:13 dontratmeout58 Not Using Wheel

I have a Chinese hamster. I got her an eleven inch wheel and it took her a little bit to get used to, but after I loosened it a bit she was using it every night. I washed it with vinegar and water after she had been using it got dirty and then she never used it again. I made sure it was rinsed well, didn't smell like vinegar, etc. Its been a few weeks and she still hasn't used it for running, that I've noticed, she'll only sit in it/hide in it/eat in it. She runs around her cage, crawls/climbs on the stuff in her cage, when she's not hanging out in her tunnels. There has been no change in appetite or water consumption that I've noticed.
She attacked her water bottle once tonight, which she's never done and I got nervous that it was because she had too much energy? I gave her the flying disc that I got when I got her (but later learned wasn't a great choice) and she seems to be using it tonight. But I don't know how safe it is/if its big enough, but I'm assuming its better than nothing.
Does anyone have any tips to get her to use her wheel again?
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2021.09.17 09:13 ch3tmanlee It’s quiet… too quiet

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2021.09.17 09:12 Cattailer ASUS Zephyrus G15 battery life too short

I bought Zephyrus G15 laptop beginning of this year.
And I found that this laptop battery only lasts about 3-4 hours.
Even I do nothing but opening a chrome browser, this crappy battery goes down 100% to 89% in any minutes!
So, here's question.
I found this post for ASUS Zephyrus G14 battery optimization.
Can this solution be applyed on G15?
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2021.09.17 09:12 TwitchsDroneCantJump Live footage of me booting up Apex after the patch

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2021.09.17 09:12 senjiscope Everytime i goto sleep i wake up in a different reality

I don’t know if I’m going crazy or something but everytime i goto sleep i wake up as someone else. I know i sound fucking insane but i wake up somewhere else its like i’m someone else. I woke up today crying because i couldn’t tell who i was anymore its fucking with me it feels like i spent months in that place but i wake up here. The world i wake up in is weird but its consistent 2 moons the night is really long but the days are short. The language is weird i can understand it though. I remember my name what school i went to and my friends game code for the game there. Has anyone experienced this before please tell me. Thank you for reading uh respond if u can like explain it
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2021.09.17 09:12 InkBlighter What kinds of wildlife would you like to see in a PMD story?

I did a similar poll a while back where I asked what you guys think the pokemon of the PMD universe eat in canon. Now I'd like to know what you'd prefer the canon actually was--or what you'd like to read, regardless of it being canon or not, specifically in terms of animals. I wanted to play with the idea of our world's animals existing in PMD due to certain pokemon origin theories as well as the fact that I don't see the idea played around with a lot in fics and comics.
Also, if you know of any PMD fics or comics that include IRL animals in them, feel free to share 'em!
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2021.09.17 09:12 leinadeht Jiwon selfie

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2021.09.17 09:12 sissyholeash Last time

Quick check
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2021.09.17 09:12 anthamas G test in 8 hours but I just got a ticket

Okay, so I speeding on the highway getting home and a cop pulled me over, gave me a ticket the whole sha-bam! He was really kind about it and reduced it down to 10km/h talked to me and gave me a warning because this was my first time! (super kind he didn't have to do that and I whole heartedly GREATLY appreciate it, I gave him a hug after all is well:D!) Anywho I have my G test tomorrow morning and I just wanted to know if I pass and pay the fine later would it be on my G license or would it apply to my G2 and my insurance goes up the 50%🤔? I think it would go on as my G2 because that's when it was issued but I’m just not 100% sure.. Anyone know? The situation sucks because I'm just about to go for my test. But hey, I was in the wrong here and such is life and overall I got off pretty good in my opinion.
TLDR: I just got a ticket for 10km over 8 hours before my G test. If I pass and pay later would it still be on my record as a G2 driver or as a G?
Thank you in advance/please be kind
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2021.09.17 09:12 GatherCake 中国自开国以后就没有一个国家领导人是底层起来的吧?

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2021.09.17 09:12 Callmehyuri trading corrupt halo

im bored with corrupt halo now
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2021.09.17 09:12 Pagalingling40 My son claims to be a tortoise, can someone help me understand?

Let me start from the beginning.
One day my eldest came home from school claiming to be a tortoise. I asked what that entailed, and he said he would debate me more often for extra screen time. Back when I took biology in middle school, we didn't learn about any connections between tortoises and computers.
True to his word, he throws a fit every time I try to take his phone. I've had to ground him several times because he just won't stop fighting me. He says it is unfair I am punishing because he simply can't help being a tortoise.
What made him become this way? Why a tortoise? Is anyone else having similar issues with their kids?
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2021.09.17 09:12 Hanis_Cz WOW these graphics are really realistic looking

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2021.09.17 09:12 mpchop Skyrim on an SSD or HDD?

Okay… this may sound dumb, but hear me out
So, I’m one of those people that, of course it being Skyrim, love to look at the loading screens. And on an SSD, the game’s gonna go really quick. But would it even matter because if I’m going to be modding, wouldn’t putting it on an SSD be better because slowly, over time, it’s gonna eventually get longer. The loading times, I mean.
So yeah… which drive?
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2021.09.17 09:12 mauro_collado One of my favorites moments of the tsundere lost arc

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2021.09.17 09:12 isuckatbtd6races What should I get with 5500 monkey money? (The heroes displayed are the heroes I haven't bought)

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2021.09.17 09:12 Substantial_Wing9225 In an elevator

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2021.09.17 09:12 Edgachusetts looking for a bot

im looking for somekind of bot or ai program that i can get into a characters style of speaking. i want to interact with a character for my character to interact with to develop, i have an idea of what i want the character to respond like but idk until i use it
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2021.09.17 09:12 INEEDMEMANSHERB All my favorite pics I’ve taken while racing

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2021.09.17 09:12 xxkabalxx So baut man "Tonnenschwere" Lebenserhaltungssysteme auf der ISS ein :)

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2021.09.17 09:12 imagination_pulp 9/16 Stubb's Set List?

Hey y'all, last night was wonderful! Laura's moves, Mark's guitar n jokes and DJ's hat were on point.
Just curious if anyone has an idea of the Set List + Covers. Thanks!
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2021.09.17 09:12 blitzer73 Journalists reactions after a meeting with Phil Spencer

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2021.09.17 09:12 gizmorgan Bug or User Error??

So I'm having an issue with my redstone repeater... I've attached some photos to help explain it better. Basically, the circuit is pretty simple and set up so that hitting a switch will turn off the power to the first repeater on the left, which should allow the locked repeater to unlock. The whole thing is connected to a comparator so that it moves the blocks I want it to. That first step happens just fine. But when I flip the switch again to move it back and the current resumes to the leftmost repeater, the "locked" repeater next to it stays unlocked and doesn't resume a locked position. So every time I want to reset it I have to pick up the locked repeater and re-place it... Am I doing something wrong??? It's really frustrating me...
The basic setup. Comparator is out of view.
Closer view of repeaters.
Flip switch and locked repeater unlocks ... perfect and what I want!
Flip switch again and current does not re-lock repeater.
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2021.09.17 09:12 HankTrill710 The people who play ranked are braindead.

No one picks a lane, no one understands cs or leveling, no one understands how important the objectives are. If they don’t add a lane selection premonition feature and allow reporting for those that don’t abide by it this game is dead.
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2021.09.17 09:12 These-Peak474 What’s the weirdest fetish you’ve came across that you never thought existed?

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