Graphics mod for LE

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2021.09.17 08:58 Critical-Square9139 Graphics mod for LE

Any ideas for ENB mod or something for legendary edition?
I've downloaded a lot of graphics mod and enb for LE but they didn't work. Just enchanted light worked
I want ENB and graphics for LE
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2021.09.17 08:58 hoverboardholligan Can I toggle the rigidness of a car in Beamng

Me and my friends wanted to do some online derby fun, but we want more resilient cars so we can get 'less realistic' crashes and fun Thanks in advance
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2021.09.17 08:58 MothThatLuvsLamps The sheriff spider, natures mini laser pointer.

The sheriff spider (also called the false scorpion sheriff) can (kind of) shoot lasers. Its back segment can bend forward and due to a unique reflective property in its webbing, it can shoot webs that for a moment shine light from where the back segment is aimed that can temporarily blind a predator. The coolest thing about all of this is that you just bought this load of bullshit.
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2021.09.17 08:58 okfoood how to stop being a perfectionist at studying?

Im generally not a perfectionist, but when im studying i just cannot step over anything. i see people studying a whole lecture then coming back to the part they had trouble understanding, for me I go extremely slow and make sure to write notes / read / memorise every small little part which is not efficient because i can achieve so little in a 4hour session
Any tips on how to study more efficiently / cover alot in less time without scooping over details?
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2021.09.17 08:58 pizzaPlsASAP Colab Notebooks not loading.

When I try to open a colab notebook it's stuck on the Loading screen. When I go to console it shows the error as seen in the image. I would appreciate if someone could help me resolve this.
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2021.09.17 08:58 IceBlitzz Even nicer

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2021.09.17 08:58 HentaiFapperSuprem This is so beautiful

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2021.09.17 08:58 mildnihilist The Old Man and his Sons

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2021.09.17 08:58 Best_Way7607 About Development Activity on office 365 developer account

Hi, I have recently joined to Microsoft office 365 developer program under the E5 license. As they mentioned that my account's subscription will expire after 90 days if I don't use them for development purposes. Currently, I am an undergraduate student in computer science and engineering. Can anyone tell me what kind of development activity is needed to keep my subscription extends further?
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2021.09.17 08:58 Remixedefied Anyone o?

Anyone on rn?
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2021.09.17 08:58 AP__Singh Step by step Itadori Yuji, by me

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2021.09.17 08:58 Sanae28 Some interesting data from 'Netto special'

Let's make a small introduction, the 'Netto special' is the first official data book of 'CT', while the '3109' is only the second, so, this means, we need a third.
Something about girls ...
The result is:

  1. Anego
  2. Tsubasa's mom
  3. Yayoi
  4. Kumi
  5. Yukari
It's really interesting to note that Sanae won as Anego, this may explain, why 'Anego' returns to the 'CTWY' and Sanae is even now the 'boss' of the 'Tsubasa team'.
Now something about boys ...
The most voted are:
  1. Tsubasa
  2. Taro
  3. Genzo
  4. Kojiro
This means 'CT' are four MCs aka Tsubasa (the protagonist) with these three, in fact in the '3109' has six pages, while the other three four.
We really need soon a new manga 'Data book'.
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2021.09.17 08:58 Turbulent_Scholar_36 This Stupid Move Would Actually Work If We Did Not Know What They Are Doing.

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2021.09.17 08:58 ElianTheGreat All part of the plan

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2021.09.17 08:58 Kenntvvghnn The BEST Albums We Ever Listened To | Lazy Eye Podcast #12

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2021.09.17 08:58 romain34230 Bitcoin : il détourne 54 millions de dollars en cryptomonnaies et écope de 7 ans de prison

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2021.09.17 08:58 noifsorbutts Some roads aren't meant to be travelled

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2021.09.17 08:58 Noback68 I've never had a dog before and I'm 35... Everyone, meet Journey!

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2021.09.17 08:58 ImaginativeHobbyist Kate(2021) by The Imaginative Hobbyist

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2021.09.17 08:58 aaejak Battle Styles ETBs £29.07 (Can choose design)

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2021.09.17 08:58 NKTdebil Польща припиняє контракт з “Газпромом” і відмовляється від російського газу

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2021.09.17 08:58 Ok-Cicada2969 It’s time for EOS main-net marketing, it’s time for Plan Bee.

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2021.09.17 08:58 alphamagus An open message to all of the developers at Bethesda still working on Fallout 76

I would like to thank each and every one of you for producing such a wonderful game!!
Not all of us on here are filled with hate. I have been an avid gamer since the ZX81 (With the ever so dodgy 16k Rampack) came out. I have watched games evolve throughout the years but have only ever been completely drawn into a few of them.
The ones that usually are the best, the truly immersive leviathans have one thing in common between them. They produce a lot of what appear to be rants directed toward them in various forums.
I believe that this is what makes a truly great game!!
What I mean by that is that the rants usually start like this...."Bethesda what are you doing??? I have played this game since the Beta and am level 832 and you have now gone and done such and such."...
Translation......."I spend more hours than what is healthy, on a game that I love, and I am slightly miffed at one tiny thing you have done which has lessened my enjoyment over what is obviously my favourite game (Hence the longevity of my playing it and the level I have attained that demonstrates this)"....

I use gaming as an escape. And in my opinion FO76 and it's predecessors have provided me with the ultimate escape for nearly twenty five years now. You have developed a good game with a great concept into a great game, (although it has a few minor niggles) that is a work of art.
So thanks to each and every one of you!
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2021.09.17 08:58 epicfardboi omg it's badly cropped

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