Test antigen pentru intrare in UK

2021.09.17 08:19 Leonardodabinchi Test antigen pentru intrare in UK

Salut, calatoresc in UK curand si imi trebuie un test facut si in Bucuresti, dar regulile UK sunt foarte stufoase si nu am gasit nicio clinica sa imi spuna ca indeplinesc conditiile. Mi-e teama ca ma vor opri la aeroport.
Imi poate sugera cineva o clinica cu test antigen care indeplineste conditiile pentru UK? Sau vi s-a parut ca nu se uita pe foaia aia cu lupa? Mulțumesc
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2021.09.17 08:19 SamT209 Payday coming = Donation time

I am ready to donate when I get my monthly pay on 28th. I do find the donation progress deflating though. Why not show the donations as total hoge and $ donated. We could then see the Hoge value going up.
Donate what you can, the only way is up
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2021.09.17 08:19 Phnglui When you're a sprout who just wants to know how to play your job and someone links you to a raid guide

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2021.09.17 08:19 Acceptable-Lack-3545 NEWS: you will love to hear this after godzilla vs mechagodzilla a big piece of my monsterverse will be installed......... Ghidorah Vs. mechagodzilla!!!

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2021.09.17 08:19 Mavobuckz Skiing Listening to Led Zeppelin 2 Anyone wanna chat?

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2021.09.17 08:19 NaiveMistake I thought some accountability may keep me honest (not that I’m dishonest).

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2021.09.17 08:19 Monster_Cytrus Cramorant unite move be like

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2021.09.17 08:19 dtfjeffery Wholesome Guts and Moonlight Boy moment

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2021.09.17 08:19 pogister Looking for 2 more members

Dependable visible party seeks 2 long term partners . Lets get that $25/mo!!!
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2021.09.17 08:19 tmlee Gods Unchained Floor Price & IMX Airdrop Points

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2021.09.17 08:19 Box_Thirteen13 How many strain gauges?

How many strain gauges have you guys been through? I just got my replacement in the mail and after installing it, it started crashing into the bedplate again during auto-leveling. Immediately. I had to leave for work, so I couldn't mess with it too much.
So ...how common is this? And are there any aftermarket gauges that actually do their job?
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2021.09.17 08:19 ChanclaDeOro The best recipe I’ve been able to come up with. I hope y’all are able to benefit, enjoy and spread the love ✊🏽

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2021.09.17 08:19 Gh0sT_PATRIOT H: Mutants Max capacity 25ffr90 Napalmer W: Offers

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2021.09.17 08:19 TylerN96 Yeer

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2021.09.17 08:19 Chump_Change_Bandit This is what needs to happen….for all that are 2nd guessing Computershare

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2021.09.17 08:19 burpfartthrowaway Legitimate uncomfortable question

I'm new to the pepinos. But this struck me as odd. Does anyone in this sub actually believe Alec is a victim of the Spanish grift like their children and followers? I hope I'm not treading on toes. May have been answered before and I was too afraid on my real account to ask.
But, like in all of the interviews he gives about his alleged Spanish wife, he clearly loves using fake accents as a way to make fun of accented people and speak in an outlandish accent.
Is it that he's more than likely in on it too so he could be openly racist as much as he pleases? Hispanic and Spanish people get so confused by a mass majority of people in the US, in my own experience. They are an entirely separate group of people with different culture, colloquial language, accent, etc. Even Hillary seems to confuse the two.
I'm genuinely curious as to anyone who believes he's a victim in this. They got married. He met her real family. He had to be on it.
Am I asking a bad question? I'm so sorry. No offense meant and I'm entirely against Hillary.
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2021.09.17 08:19 Juannonlymonkey Is it true that the push verse on donda is out in China?

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2021.09.17 08:19 Higgins_isPrettyGood question on conjugation

so wenig die Nacht und der Tag sein Sein ist, ebensowohl ist es auch Tag und Nacht; es ist durch dies sein Anderssein gar nicht affiziert.
why has the author here used the 3rd person singular conjugation, ist, rather than its plural equivalent, sind?
My translation even renders it as "Night and Day are its being". Does German allow either conjugation?
My best guess is he is trying to reach some kind of rhetorical effect; almost every sentence in the paragraph contains ist.
however, a promising rival hypothesis is that I'm sillily overlooking the very, very obvious solution. Either way, any explanation is greatly appreciated!
This is towards the end of paragraph 96 in the Phenomenology of Spirit if you want to have a look.
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2021.09.17 08:19 Breaking-Bad Why the MAY dip was very BULLISH for Bitcoin (and all of crypto)

Looking back 4 months ago, there was countless FUD in the media and even on this sub with captions like "And fOlKs tHiS is wHy crypto will never be mAiNsTreAm".
However, the mark of a good long-term asset is that even if there is short-term volatility, it eventually maintains it's price. Which is exactly what crypto did.
How is that bullish you ask?
If stuff is in free fall and remains low to worthless for an extended period of time, that is very bad for investor confidence. On the other hand, when people know that this 20% dip is temporary and the long term trajectory has always been up eventually, it enables confidence in the asset as holding it's value.
So previously, most people were just putting in "play money" investment into crypto on a flyer. With this increased confidence I believe traditional conservative investors (let's be honest, boomers are the ones with the money bags) will get more and more comfortable allocating a part of their portfolio to crypto.
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2021.09.17 08:19 WhiteDoveBooks Surviving The Evacuation, Book 1: London - Free

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2021.09.17 08:19 Significant_System97 Nicky Sprenger - A Smart Melody

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2021.09.17 08:19 Mikko_Hi Fencer by atamonica

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2021.09.17 08:19 YourFuseIsFireside A Fruity Floral Perfume Recommendation?

Does anyone have any recommendations for a fruity floral perfume? I'm currently using James by Rosie Jane, and I like it but it is not fruity enough for me. Any suggestions?
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2021.09.17 08:19 heinaga1989 ⚔️ DEFI DEMI GOD 🕹️ | Gamefi NFT Characters | Earn Reflections with Your NFT | Community of Visionaries | Pre-sale Coming Soon🕹️

Defi Demi God is a DApp that you can collect, trade, and build your Demi army. Mint rare Gamefi NFT’s with different attributes like weapons, amulets and more.
Designed to revolutionize the traditional NFT space. Loyal holder's of Aura will always gain a passive 3% Reward for holding automatically sent to their wallets.
The Dev team has expansive experience in Project development & marketing, and plan to expand the community and release exclusive NFT's within the first weeks of launch.
Stop Investing in ordinary shit coins that are here today and gone tomorrow, Join a project with long term goals today.


  1. Bringing the future to Defi with 3D designed characters with uniquely attributed NFT classes.
  2. Earn a massive 6% reflections just by simply holding your NFT’s in your wallet. This allows for the holder to earn passively with their NFT.
  3. NFT’s will have a limited minting supply for each class growing more in value as more people fuse and collect the NFT’s.
  4. Each Demi will have its on unique attributes specific to its class. Like amulets, armor and aura’s
  5. Use your character in a strategic battle simulator and prove your NFT’s true strength in the Arena!

✔️True developments
✔️Devs Have Long Term Plans
✔️ Project Has Roadmap & Whitepaper
✔️ Experienced Dev Team
✔️ Vested Marketing Wallet
✔️ Rug proof
✔️Gamefied NFT's

Official Telegram: https://t.me/defidemigod
Website: http://defidemigod.com/

Telegram growing extremely fast, don't miss the launch!
🥞 BUY LINK : Coming Soon
📊 Chart LINK : Coming Soon
The only token on BINANCE SMART CHAIN Designing this tier of Gamefi NFT's like these.

💎 Why Demi God Defi 💎
🏆 5% Liquidity Boost for holder strength
🏆 State of the Art Gamefi NFT's
🔐 Locked Liquidity
🏆 Minimal Dev Wallet Vested for over a year

Bot free group, Our TG is now open to the public, Join the community before we launch!


11% Traditional Tax Fee
Supply: 1 MILLION

8% buy tax
4% lp
2% development auto bnb
2% reflections
Sell tax 14%
6% lp
4% development auto Bnb
4% reflections
Max transaction 1%
Max wallet 1%


✅ Verified BSC Contract : (Coming Soon)
🔏 FULL AUDIT : (coming Soon)

Website: http://defidemigod.com/
Telegram: https://t.me/defidemigod
Twitter: https://twitter.com/defidemi
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2021.09.17 08:19 Separate_Vehicle_146 This unusual chicken breed is completely black, including its organs, meat, and bones

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