How to become an author?

*Email: * Password: Password: Forgot Password? What if your attachment to being a "good" person is holding you back from actually becoming a better person? In this accessible talk, social psychologist Dolly Chugh explains the puzzling psychology of ethical behavior -- like why it's hard to spot your biases and acknowledge mistakes -- and shows how the path to becoming better starts with owning your mistakes. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. PISCATAWAY – The site of a former swim club may be the future home of four single-family houses. 90 Hancock Road LLC is seeking preliminary approval of a major subdivision to create four single ... KIAWAH ISLAND, S.C. (AP) — Phil Mickelson wins PGA Championship at age 50 to become golf's oldest major champion. Loading Firebuilder ... We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. ProTeacher is a community for professional school teachers. Our participants include teachers from every state across the USA, and collegues from Canada, UK, Australia, and around the world! Today's video is from the Web Creators 2021 virtual conference hosted by Elementor. It's all about leaders learning to be consumer-centric, fighting for the ...

2021.09.17 09:38 Purple-Missile6907 How to become an author?

How do you get published? I’m just wondering :)
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2021.09.17 09:38 babawow My neighbours plant.

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2021.09.17 09:38 Daxodax 8694 0269 9983 adding 5, stay online

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2021.09.17 09:38 Navodaya-Times Coronavirus: देश में कोविड-19 के 34,403 नए मामले, मृत्यु दर 1.33 प्रतिशत

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2021.09.17 09:38 ShipsRat Ever wonder what irish and Welsh sound together In a song ? Well here you go

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2021.09.17 09:38 Dogulol r/worldnews and other news subreddits erupt into controversy over France suspending 3000 healthcare workers for refusing to get vaccinated

Original post:
3000 out of 2.7m. Its a small minority
Do nurses not know basic medicine?
[ I’m in the US. 20% of the staff at my hospital are not vaccinated and will be “forcibly resigned” this Friday. We are already so understaffed it’s nearly criminal. They hired 100 travelers at $100/hour to restaff our worse units. A whole bunch of those travelers quit after the first week… so they bumped up the pay to $125 an hour to keep the remaining ones. The pressure and stresses placed on the remaining staff is going to crush so many people.

Hospitals in France are also understaffed, but it seemed like a lot of the remaining staff was relieved to see their unvaxed colleagues leave. I saw tweets of remaining staff organizing small buffets to celebrate, with "Good riddance" banners lmao. They know they're going to suffer from the lack of staff, but for now the relief of not having to deal with the bullshit of their antivax colleagues seems to be greater for some. ](
Whatever you do, dont sort by controversial:
[Laying off health care workers in a medical pandemic 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Funny all these vaccinated people are blaming unvaccinated people for getting them sick when the vaccine is supposed to prevent illness. Please everyone pile on explain yourselves.
Other posts about this:
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2021.09.17 09:38 Maleficent_Ad5102 Anybody else on NA-West Servers rn?

Yep title says it all
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2021.09.17 09:38 brickwallrunner You can get some familiar combinations on FFXIV's Chocobo Naming options...

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2021.09.17 09:38 Dr_Matematike AVAX Hits New All-Time High as Avalanche Discloses $230M Private Sale

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2021.09.17 09:38 whoknows6969 Can we afford it?

Hi all, my husband and I are ttc but as it looms closer we're starting to worry about money. He is on roughly £1500 a month and I'm on around £1450 on a bad month up to £1800 on a good one (commission) As far as I know I'm only entitled to £151 SMP and the usual child tax credits. We have a mortgage of £443 a month, £237 Council tax and then all the usual bills including an owned car and a leased electric one for £285.
Can anyone give any insight on monthly expenses etc and try put our minds at ease?
Also any advice as to whether we can claim any other money when I would be on maternity?
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2021.09.17 09:38 Cine_MA_ster I love bullying. #COYG

I love bullying. #COYG
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2021.09.17 09:38 HellReyza ArmIn Larshed begrüsd euch Freunde🤪🤪🤪

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2021.09.17 09:38 Raiiniei Give me anything and I'll accept it

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2021.09.17 09:38 MadBroooh Defend Biden Challenge

Defend Biden without bringing up Trump, why would one vote for Biden?
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2021.09.17 09:38 KoaKoa_La Unlock the PolyCon Koala 🥰

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2021.09.17 09:38 Suteev_Art Hello, a new stylized drawing. I hope you like it.

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2021.09.17 09:38 Maclife37 What could have been! Feelings and Overall Thoughts on Season 4 (EP 7+8 SPOILERS)

So after reading everyone’s thoughts and opinions on the last 2 episodes and the overall season, I thought I’d throw mine out there aswell!
I’ll start by saying that I made my first predictions around episode 3ish and majority of them ended up being on the money, while I was able to predict aphres orphan twist, Dr Trinh faking her death and being the killer and Liv having to kill Theo in the end, this didn’t ruin the season for me as I was heavily and more invested in this story than all of the previous seasons. I was on edge and I think there were soo many possibilities that while I did have some theories I still wasn’t 100% on anything and was anticipating twists and turns every episode. I felt this story had the most potential out of all seasons, I loved the setting, the family aspect, the competition for money, the kills, the look of the killer, EVERYTHING! So I’m not just bagging it I do love this she but having said all of that I’m soooooooo disappointed in how this story ended!
While I did support the Trinh faking her death theory (simply because they didn’t show the actual death on screen like all the others) I was beyond certain there were 2 killers and a second reveal (like season 3) so I will rewatch to see if there are any plot holes seeing as Trinh was our lone killer but I have problems with this just simply based on these FACTS
Clearly the actually person “acting” or portraying the gentleman in the suit was a man, we can all tell just visually, however the male grunts that EVERYONE heard can’t just be ignored nor can they be explained. I’ve heard excuses like the mask changes the sound or Trinh mad ever voice deeper, that makes no sense for a grunt and I just rewatched it to double check, it’s 100% a male grunt, shudder subtitles list the grunt and it is soo sloppy to leave that in there and almost feels like a cheating way of trying to throw the audience off, this is one of the top things that frustrated me!
The whole story of Spencer just hiring a random psycho and Trinh not having anything actually linked to the family as the reason she killed them is very lazy and basic in my opinion, soo many better options just from reading other peoples theories. Also the deaths looked poetic throughout the season which indicates an emotional or personal connection with the killer and victim but we learn this isn’t the case it’s just Trinh doing it for fun so why even bother with the poetic style of deaths?? Pointless!
Vincent’s adoption was pretty much irrelevant other than to make people suspicious and anxious to find out but there was no reveal about that other than Birgit organised it but we heard nothing about what he went through for 25 years, he said Spencer brought him to the island and they had ZERO interaction before Spencer died, once again why!?
The character development was lacking through most of the characters, I thought Vincent was the most charismatic and showed lots of different personas from funny to creepy to violent and showed his intelligence in regards to when Grace played the game alone and he chose to sit out. Theo was dull, showed some emotion but the character turn at the end made no sense and was one of the most unbelievable turns for any character, I wouldn’t believe for one second that this guy tht was emotional about most things he’s done and things happening around him would be casual about crashing his car into a daycare centre, also it was a stupid secret that had nothing to do with the actual family or killings or something like that, it was literally thrown in to give Liv a reason to kill him at the end, same as Vincent snapping and attacking Theo when he was literally getting him to not play the previous game to survive, once again it was just a reason for Theo to kill him and remove him.
Overall I was hoping for more and soo many possibilities and killer combos that could’ve been and soo many better reasons for killing them all but it seems they rushed it and were just focusing on having Liv survive with the money and didn’t think about the best way to get there. I’m sure I’ve forgotten some other things that I didn’t like aswell and it did kind of ruin most of the season but I’m sure someone has talked about them on here anyway. I’m still a fan of the show and look forward to upcoming seasons! 🎩🔪🩸
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2021.09.17 09:38 TypicalAd1439 Eating dogs should be acceptable

I grew up with dogs, I had over 30 dogs by now. My mom was a dog trainer and I understand dogs well. I love dogs. But if people on the other side of the planet like to eat dogs, why do you care? Eating spiders and cockroaches is disgusting but acceptable. Eating pigs who are as smart as dogs is fine. Just because YOU are emotional about dogs doesn't mean Chinese people should stop eating them. Mind your own business and eat your McShitter.
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2021.09.17 09:38 420-fresh Do ANY genetic testing companies not sell/share/save your information?

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2021.09.17 09:38 JakTravis_u_SOB I'm not thinking it, you're thinking it!

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2021.09.17 09:38 TheSpeedcube1337 How to solve one of the biggest problems in physics:

Kill the cat.
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2021.09.17 09:38 PicsBae Chris Ofili - No Woman, No Cry, Tate Britain

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2021.09.17 09:38 happydottybeard Two-in-one :: really old gem from Critfin, maybe from his past life?!

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2021.09.17 09:38 romain34230 Le Pixel 6 déjà exposé en magasin avant la présentation officielle

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2021.09.17 09:38 Que57ery Why u do this to me ppl

I was using a AK12, popping ppl left and right and got votekick for no reason
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