I found Total Gaming on Overkill Strike

2021.09.17 09:48 judaharo13 I found Total Gaming on Overkill Strike

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2021.09.17 09:48 SesshamoNekodearuzo Japan ruling party begins race to pick Suga successor

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2021.09.17 09:48 iSleepToCreepyPastas Help

I want a 3070 or 3070ti I got $800 and also a 3060 if your open to trade plus cash on my end . I live in LA but don’t mind doing shipping
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2021.09.17 09:48 ForsakenKing1994 just learned about custom platforms... how in-depth can it get?

I'm working on a few songs I'd love to really give some serious TLC, one pertaining to Bioshock i'm absolutely loving the lighting i did for but it could really use some focus on the actual light-map itself, which is when i found out about platform customizing.
Just how much can you do with the platform system? I've been trying to learn the ins' and outs' of it, but i'd love to know just how much i can do with it.
Like, 3d objects and lighting event restrictions/movement? I'm guessing the lights and rotations are restricted to the limits of in-game. Which is fine, but i'm interested in light placement and custom model implementation for the background and their limitations... If that makes sense.
To give you a basic rundown of what i'd hope to do with this... Is to design the background with Mr Bubbles or the Rosie Big Daddy as a 3 dimensional model, and set up whichever to have lights in the visor ports and soles of the boots to trigger with the lighting set up i have. But i've never done these before, so i'd love to know about it before I try to crack into a program i've only just learned about.
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2021.09.17 09:48 MrNiceGuy1157 Hey guys. I have a 21’ sti. Then I started to fall in love with the 06 Hawkeye, should I trade mine in and get a Hawkeye instead? I’m +10 equity. I know it takes work but I’d rather put my money into something I’ll love for a long time.

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2021.09.17 09:48 adventuremachinesc $274 (USD) to Cancún (CUN) from Oakland (OAK) - (387 live dates, details in first comment)

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2021.09.17 09:48 ferulebezel What's this movie?

I couldn't find a sub dedicated to this so I'm posting here. The scene is a bunch of men playing with toy trains and there is a crash as Carey Grant is walking through the room. There is a bit of dialog between Carey Grant and one of the men eventually Carey Grant says says something to the effect of "Not everything is atoms." to the man, who in my memory is either Oskar Homolka or Jean Hersholt, who replies with "Yes it is."
What movie? It's black and white.
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2021.09.17 09:48 IcyOpportunity3830 Mudarme a Madrid por un año o dos

Bueno como dice el título estoy pensando en pasar 1/2 años de intercambio en Madrid con un programa de mi universidad. La cosa es que según lo que me dijeron es difícil encontrar trabajo y que la vida es cara. Que tengo que hacerme a la idea antes de ir?Gracias!
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2021.09.17 09:48 Koh-the-Face-Stealer Inside the latest Indigenous push to stop the Pebble Mine above Bristol Bay, AK

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2021.09.17 09:48 sawapejbg Got $COTRP, you're in luck! US Government to pay out JC Penny dividends and pensions.

$COTRP are JCP dividends valued at $25 each. The US government will be picking up the tab, as it did for JCP's pension plan folks. Each stock certificate will be valued at $25.
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2021.09.17 09:48 NathanDR19 This is nova! 42g female, anybody able to tell me what morph she is? Always been curious and never managed to get a clear answer

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2021.09.17 09:48 roboticpandora "Flow along the way the water flows": D-2, Intertextuality, and the Art of Growing Up

Note: this post is an expansion on a post I made on the achievement post announcing 400 million streams for D-2. Congratulations Yoongi! What an accomplishment! I'm marking the occasion with a probably overwrought essay on the album and what it means to me.
D-2 is an incredible album--one of my favorites of 2020, probably in my top 20 all-time. But it also made me appreciate BTS' music even more. Getting a sense of Yoongi's voice as an artist and composer helped me see how he and the other members--but especially Joon and Hoseok--fit together, how they complement each other.
One of my favorite things about D-2 is how full it is with intertextuality. Intertextuality is in my opinion a core feature of hip hop; we can think of sampling as a type of intertextuality, and rappers also frequently reference lines from their own songs and from other artists' songs. In its early days, RapGenius was largely dedicated to tracking down and pointing out allusions and references in songs. BTS plays around with intertextuality sometimes as well--the best example is probably the Persona/Shadow/Ego trio, which are all built around samples from some of BTS' earliest releases.
I believe that in D-2, Yoongi expertly uses intertextuality with his own work and with the larger BTS catalogue to subtly express the core theme of the album: what it means to get older and grow up. Each song on D-2 revisits, reconsiders, rewrites, or expands on a lyric or theme from at least one other song. The lyric or theme is re-contextualized in the new song and therefore given new meaning; but the direct references also remind the listener of the lyrics' original use. That tension between change and stasis, present and past, memory and moving forward is at the core of what it means to mature and grow up.
The following is a break-down of the intertextual references that I see in D-2. Where appropriate, I have given credit to doolsetbangtan for picking up on parallels that I didn't notice. For my analysis I consulted both doolsetbangtan and Genius translations. I also consulted official translations from MVs where available.
"Moonlight" : "Nevermind"
Fittingly, the opening track of D-2 references the opener of HYYH 2, an album that is itself a well of allusions and references. (Although it does not, as far as I can tell, directly reference the Wong Kar Wai movie of the same name. But that's an essay for another day.)
Both tracks are statements of purpose and identity; but between HYYH 2 and D-2, Yoongi's identity, his sense of self, has changed. The narrator of "Nevermind" is angry, raw, yet determined, urging himself and his listeners to keep going no matter what. The narrator of "Moonlight" isn't as angry anymore, but that anger has been replaced with ambivalence, a new type of melancholy, and new type of fear. He takes comfort in reminding himself that no matter how much he has changed, the moonlight is still the same. And even though so much has changed, the same mantra can still give him comfort: "If you think you’re gonna crash, accelerate even harder, you idiot."
"Daechwita":: "give it to me"
The parallels here are more general, but the lines "Calling me a dog, it doesn’t make sense / I was born a tiger, I’m not weak like you at least" recall a similar line in "give it to me" (“Born a tiger, I can’t live like a dog”). translation link. "Daechwita" therefore represents an evolution from Yoongi's past diss tracks/ flex tracks. He doesn't need anything anymore, he's not asking for fame and money and alcohol and whatever else anyone wants to throw at him--he already has it all. (Or does he? he wonders.)
"What do you think" :: basically every flex track, including "Dope," "Airplane pt 2," and"No More Dream"
If "Daechwita" represents an evolution of the Yoongi diss track, "What do you think?" is a pure throw-back. It includes references, both direct and indirect, to several different songs. "What do you think?" shows that, despite the more mellow, self-assured, and philosophical tone struck in other tracks, there is still the capacity for rage, greed, and dark arrogance just under the surface
"Strange" :: "Am I Wrong?"
I couldn't find any direct references in this track, but doolsetbangtan points out there thematic similarities to "Am I Wrong?" That makes sense, as "Am I Wrong?" is one of BTS' most explicitly political tracks. "Strange" is even more pointed in its message. "Am I Wrong?" makes observations; "Strange" offers explanations and asks further questions. So, similar to "Daechwita", "Strange" represents an evolution of an earlier song, an example of the new, more mature perspective that age brings.
Two extra stray observations that don't really fit anywhere else:

  1. Doolsetbangtan argues that the dogs and pigs line in "Am I Wrong?" is a reference to remarks made by a government official. That reference injects a bit of class commentary into the track, and also into all the other tracks in which Yoongi rejects a comparison between himself and a dog.
  2. Neither Suga nor J-Hope have songwriting credits on "Am I Wrong?" So in a way, "Strange" represents an artistic evolution too; it shows Yoongi approaching the issues with his own words.
I think the next three tracks form a sort of trilogy. So I'll be going through them in even more detail, if you can believe it.
"28":: "Interlude: Shadow"; more loosely, "No More Dream," "Suga's Interlude"
"28" is the track that is most explicitly about getting older and growing up; that's probably why it's one of my favorites. There is a direct reference to "Interlude: Shadow". "The life I wished for, the life I wanted, a so-so life" echoes the line from "Shadow," "The life you wished for, the life you wanted, the life you chose, you achieved everything with no regrets." (translation link) "Shadow," "No More Dream," and "Suga's Interlude" all deal with the same deep fears: that your life will not turn out the way that you want it to. That you will lose your dream. That the sadness and fear and pain that you feel will be with you for the rest of your life.
That fear is reflected in these bars, which are probably my favorite lyrics on the album:
"Thought I would change after I turn twenty
Thought I would change after I graduate
Shit, after I turn thirty like this
Yeah, then what would change?"
The references to his own previous tracks and the return to the fears that plagued him when he was younger implies that Yoongi's fears are right, and he hasn't changed.
"Burn It":: "Outro: Tear"
Part of the chorus of "Burn It" is built around a repeated image and phrase from "Outro: Tear." But here the image is used in a much different way. In "Tear," burning is pure destruction; it's a sadness so deep that it turns into rage, that has to destroy. The fire in "Burn It" is destructive, too; but it also leads to creation. It's the classic image of the phoenix, of the forest fire.
"Fire it up, fire it up
Whatever it is, yeah, bastard, light the fire
You of the past, you of the present
Whoever it is, bastard, light the fire
Whether it would become a blazing sun
or the ashes left behind after being burnt —
always, the choice and decision is yours to make
I hope you don’t forget that giving up decisively also counts as courage"
translation link
Fire can be destructive, but it can also be a catalyst for change. Which brings us too...
"People":: none?
Of all the tracks on the album, "People" seems the most grounded in the present. It is all about change, moving forward, flowing on. There's this sense of almost Zen-like perfect acceptance and existence in the fleeting, constantly changing present. It is fitting, therefore, that it is also a track that does not directly reference any previous songs.
"People" could also be thought of as a more hopeful response to the questions asked in "28" and "Shadow":
"Flow along the way the water flows
Maybe there’s something at the end
A special life, an ordinary life, each of them on their own
It’s all good
It’s all good
When it’s not there, you wish it is, when it’s there, you wish it’s not
Who said that humans are the animals of wisdom
To my eyes, it’s obvious that they are the animals of regret
People change — like you have
Living a life in the world, there’s nothing that lasts forever
Everything is just a happening that passes by."
translation link
It's part of human nature to worry, to be afraid, to be stuck in the past, to regret. But it's also part of human nature to change. The world keeps on going.
(Note: Yoongi does use the phrase "animals of regret"--one of my favorite images of his--in "Blue and Grey." But since BE came out a few months after D-2, the intertextuality likely goes the other way, so to speak.)
(Note 2: Doolsetbangtan also argues that "People" references RM's "Trivia: Love" in its use of sara/saram wordplay. There are certainly some similarities, but I don't think they are specific enough to be truly called an allusion or reference. Wordplay with sara/saram seems relatively common; and what's more, Joon and Yoongi go in completely different directions with it.)
"Honsool":: "The Last", "Interlude: Shadow", "Tony Montana"
But not everything is perfect in the present. "Honsool" is a darker look at Yoongi's present; a glimpse of a moment of exhaustion and self-destruction. It is emphatically situated in the here and now: the first line is "Today as well, I finish the work for the day and come home right away." (translation link) In the world of the song, it is always right now.
While there aren't any direct references, there is some significant shared imagery with "the Last", specifically in the line "But the ideal is slapping the reality in the back of its head", which echoes what Yoongi says in "The Last" about the divide between reality and ideal and its collision in his head. Both songs are also about self-destructive impulses and behaviors. The disappointment with his current reality, despite all the money, fame and wealth, all the trophies and stadiums, also again echoes the themes of "Interlude: Shadow."
Yet the song still ends on a hopeful note, even if the hope is a bit bleak. Where "The Last" concludes with a furious, defiant shout, "Honsool" ends with a quiet, almost philosophical consolation that recalls "People":
"Well, it doesn’t matter anyway
Tomorrow will come and go again
I, who’s like this, and you, who’s like that,
we just endure through the day, I guess."
The difference in how "Honsool" concludes and how "Interlude: Shadow" and "The Last" conclude reflects how Yoongi has grown up and changed. There is still darkness there, but he's starting to find acceptance and a way to cope.
Also, this is more subjective, but I feel like the composition and production in "Honsool" is a perfected version of what he was going for with "Tony Monana." It still has a bit of that grimy Atlanta sound, but it's more developed and cohesive. So as with "Strange," "Honsool" to me reflects artistic development as well.
"Interlude: Set Me Free" :: "Suga's Interlude"
Yoongi returns to the flying/falling/floating imagery that runs through "Suga's Interlude." In this track, too, melancholy and fear return; but, as in "People," the melancholy is answered with a mantra of acceptance.
I also really love the production on this track. I think it's really interesting how Yoongi uses those light, airy synths and bird sounds. It reads to me like an indirect call-back to "People," which uses a lot more nature imagery than Yoongi normally uses. The songs seem to take place in the same sonic "universe."
"Dear My Friend" :: "Spring Day."
The past isn't done with us, yet. In his D-2 V-live, Yoongi called this track a "curtain call," and that feels exactly right. (He also, hilariously, insisted that it isn't a sad song.)
I understand "Dear My Friend" as essentially being an elaboration on Yoongi's verse in "Spring Day." He is returning again to this loss, this regret, this person that he still yearns for and wonders about. He has more space on this track than he did on "Spring Day" to unfold the story in its entirety. He can be more specific, and more explicit. He tells the story plainly and with a beautiful simplicity. The song, and the album, ends with a question that can't be answered: what would it have been like? We will never know; we can't know. The past is the past, and we're older now. We can remember, but we can't change it. We have to live as we are now.

In summary, I think that fundamentally D-2 is an album about time passing, and what that means for us all. By returning to lines and themes from other songs, Yoongi is showing how he has changed as he's gotten older--but also how he hasn't. There is still worry, insecurity, anger, pain; but it's tempered with the new perspectives that come with living a few more years, having more experiences, reflecting more. Perhaps it's because I was also born in '93, but there's something about D-2 that just feels so true to me.

If you read this far, thank you for indulging me!! And I would love to hear your thoughts :)
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2021.09.17 09:48 NewsElfForEnterprise There’s something weird about Google’s Pixel 6 processor

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2021.09.17 09:48 butavpaul What do you think about my collection?

Hello guys! First of all I'm glad I've joined this community, because I see you guys are awesome doing NFTs.
I've started creating my own NFT collection and this is what I've did. Soon there will be more variations. What do you think?
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