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🔴 [CANADA] WEALTHSIMPLE CASH Code A8L7BU - $60 free cash for signing up (WITH CRYPTO BONUS)

2021.10.19 00:56 44285268S1 🔴 [CANADA] WEALTHSIMPLE CASH Code A8L7BU - $60 free cash for signing up (WITH CRYPTO BONUS)

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2021.10.19 00:56 Jg_052802 Why couldn’t my parents at least be rich

now as shallow as it may seem please just hear me out my mom died when I was 8 and left nothing g but her social security money that my dad took and never told me about and that’s really the only reason he came and got me and my sister so.when I was in college I was really struggling hell I still am but when I was away from home I had absolutely no financial support and I was struggling to pay bills and overall support myself I was hungry I barely had gas money and I had to scrap up change to get by and yes I had a job that paid me $400 a month.i was mentally and physically broken and all I did was cry and self harm I had a porn addiction which I’m still trying to fight and I feel like all of this could’ve been avoided had my parents had money before they even had me instead of leaving me here to struggle and abandon me with no support they should’ve left me something or told me about the money he was getting it something why have kids if you can’t support yourself and you have to take money from the government thats sick and messed up.i seen a girl on tiktok she’s 16 and she lives with her family in this beautiful mansion and she has maids and I just help but picture myself in her shoes being born into a rich and loving family is all I ever wanted and yes it may seem shallow as I’ve said before but not having to worry about where my next meal will come from is a dream come true having my parents be able to financially support me would be so cool.i think about being born into wealth allllll of the time he’s not existing would be cool but hell if I had to be here why couldn’t I be born surrounded by rich people that way I could live comfortably.i see the Kardashians and they’ve pretty much always had money they were damn born into it and I always think why couldn’t that be me is my fate so fucked uk that I’m stuck working the rest of my life because I couldn’t have wealthy parents. And to the people who say”money isn’t everything” or “money can’t buy happiness” I mean it may not but I’m sure you wouldn’t be complaining if you woke up with a million dollars in your bank tomorrow .Anyway that’s all for now I guess
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2021.10.19 00:56 GamePil Can you potentiate nitrous with non-drugs?

I know nitrous gets potentiated a lot by other psychedelics and Dissociatives but is there something that will potentiate nitrous that isn't itself a drug? I like combining it with LSD or DXM but I'd like to make it even stronger without adding more drugs to the mix. Heard some guy say B12 is supposed to potentiate it but I highly doubt there is any truth to that.
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2021.10.19 00:56 ZealousidealCry1665 Guide

I have never played yone before looking to try him can someone link the best guides as there are so many I am not sure which to watch. It would be much appreciated.
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2021.10.19 00:56 aToiletSeat [US-CT][H] Jules Ouro Hotswap, GMK Bento Base + Space + RAMA, GMK 8008 Base + Modern [W] PayPal

Prices include fully insured shipping to the continental United States. Anyone outside of CONUS will be asked to cover some supplemental shipping outside of what it would have costed me to send CONUS. Bushido is in the timestamp but I don't have the time to dig up all of the pieces from the bundle so it's sale is on hold for now.
*Jules Ouro Hotswap * Brand new, never built. Opened once just to check it out. This has a hotswap PCB with a fixed-layout plate.
$500 shipped to CONUS
GMK Bento R1 Base + Spacebar + Salmon RAMA Medium use. I keep my hands clean so it's shined but not too heavily. The RAMA cap came with mounting posts that were too close together. One of them broke off when I was trying to spread them out. Keycap still mounts and holds fine.
$275 shipped to CONUS
GMK 8008 R1 Base + Modern Light use. Might have minimal shine.
$275 shipped to CONUS
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2021.10.19 00:56 jmmccarley H: MU E Reload LMG W: 5.56 Offers

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2021.10.19 00:56 NamelessBloodedge Akame manga x anime comparison - 49

Akame manga x anime comparison - 49
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2021.10.19 00:56 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy Tidex Token (TDX) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.19 00:56 asphaltdragon Looking for ANC Truly Wireless Earbuds - <$300USD

Budget - Less than $300USD, preferably less than $200
Source/Amp - I primarily use my earbuds with my Pixel 5. Extra GAssistant features would be great, but I doubt I'll find anything with that. I need something that has ANC, wireless charging case, stabilizers, and the ability to use either bud solo, even if the ANC doesn't work with a single bud. I'd like if I had the ability to turn off and/or customize touch controls for each individual bud, but it's not necessary. Also, they have to come in black, with a black case, or the ability to get a black cover for the case.
Preferred tonal balance - I'd prefer something balanced, with an option to turn on bass boost, as I tend to listen to bass heavy music on occasion.
Preferred music genre(s) - I listen to a little bit of everything, but it's mostly EDM, DnB, Sludge, or Stoner Rock.
Past gear experience -
Google Pixel Buds 2: These are amazing. They are my perfect pair, outside of the fact they don't have ANC. They're great for features, fit, and sound. The stabilizers kept them in my ears well, and I could wear them for hours. I especially liked the fact they would read out my notifications with a tap and hold of the right earbud. Unfortunately, the set I had started having charging issues, and I had to return them, at which point they were discontinued.
Samsung Galaxy Buds2: These were also pretty great. I really liked the ability to switch between ANC/OFF/Ambient with a tap of the left earbud. Sadly no matter what I did, they would always fall out of my ears after 10-15 minutes.
Bose QC Earbuds: Literally picked these up 5 hours ago and I love them. The ANC is perfect, and I love the ability to set the level of ANC. The stabilizers were great, despite how large they were, which I felt was going to be an issue. They're even better than the Pixel Buds 2 all around, except for one glaring fact: you can't use them solo unless you're using the right earbud. If it weren't for this, I'd keep them.
Any suggestions?
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2021.10.19 00:56 bot_neen Dip. María del Carmen Pinete Vargas (PVEM) / 100 años de creación de la SEP

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2021.10.19 00:56 LizardBucket A Den for a Griffon or an Owlbear

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2021.10.19 00:56 benhaswings My fellow roach frenz and bröthers... I have unlocked power ups 🔋📈 for this community! Let's try building that out! Hopefully any moment there will be a notification about this when you view the community!

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2021.10.19 00:56 brianthesavage17 😍

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2021.10.19 00:56 dylan0408 these sex bots know whats up

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2021.10.19 00:56 Cheesefinger69 .

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2021.10.19 00:56 Kool-Kiwi-23 Trading summer fantasy set!!

Trading the full set except the purse
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2021.10.19 00:56 Windf4ll LFG!

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2021.10.19 00:56 BDobalina001 Couple of Spotless Mind, both around D64. The runt (first plant) is almost ready for the chop while the second is coming along nicely!

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2021.10.19 00:56 dragonwolfbreed I got a Mew Oreo! That was super exciting!

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2021.10.19 00:56 InterviewQuick12 Trader Joe ::: Trader Joe’s Bulletin Board — 17t - All data points referenced: up to 17th of October

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2021.10.19 00:56 TraditionalBag8712 Barbie kinder.com

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2021.10.19 00:56 Lelle360 Hov1 fast för studenter :D

För alla studenter nu när man rör sig mot mörkare tider! Snubblade förbi en låt på spotify som gör parodi på Hov1 fast med studentreferenser :) Ville bara dela med mig! https://open.spotify.com/track/63NsBT4tfWkoTQG3WsyQzP?si=16fc98c4f7404580
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2021.10.19 00:56 BobDucca FS - PWE included. Free BWMT if $12+ ➡️➡️➡️

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2021.10.19 00:56 Small-Sound4355 Groin

Any males have groin pain or jus in discomfort general pain around your testicles (taint area) /private area .
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2021.10.19 00:56 natural_locality When casually conversing over text, do native speakers actually use “¿”

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