La sortie de Elden Ring repoussée au 25 février

news La sortie de Battlefield 2042 est repoussée d'un mois Par Jarod, le 16/09/21 à 08h30 1 news Selon plusieurs sources, Battlefield 2042 pourrait être reporté de quelques semaines Par ... news La sortie de Dying Light 2 : Stay Human est repoussée au 4 février 2022 Encore un qui mord la poussière. Par Jarod (@__steeve__) , le 14 septembre 2021 à 14h25 Toujours dénué de date de sortie, Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One ne verra pas tout de suite le jour sur la génération de consoles de salon actuelle. Frogwares préfère s'accorder plus de temps ... Comparer les prix et acheter Rust moins cher sur XboxOne, PS4, PC en boîte ou sous forme de clé cd. Active la clé Rust sur les plateformes officielles comme XBox Live, Sony PSN, Steam gift, Steam. Le meilleur moyen d'acheter Rust pas cher. Achetez vos jeux PC et jeux consoles, en version boite ou digitale en tant que clé cd sur Steam, Origin, Uplay, Sony PSN, Xbox Live... Solar Ash : la date de sortie du jeu de plateformes intense des créateurs de Hyper Light Drifter est repoussée. Ghost Recon Frontline : la bêta fermée repoussée au dernier moment. Résumé ci-dessous. Unboxing Vidéo des figurines : MAJ le 22 Septembre : La sortie des figurines est repoussée au 05 Novembre Prochain (Au lieu du 08 Octobre). Un nouvel amiibo de Samus dans la combinaison qu'elle porte dans Metroid Dread et un amiibo de l'E.M.M.I. seront disponibles au lancement du jeu. ...

2021.10.19 02:20 mangafrbot La sortie de Elden Ring repoussée au 25 février

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2021.10.19 02:20 ballbering71 (10/18/74) Parthenon Theater, Hammond, IN (2nd date of the Hotter Than Hell tour)

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2021.10.19 02:20 paktick Anyone know how to email/message Dick Vitale or his team?

I’d really love to write the man a personal email, but unfortunately I’m finding it tough to find any contact info for the guy. I’d at least like to get an email or letter to the right person, so maybe it can get passed on to him, or at the least, he can be made aware of fans wishing him well.
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2021.10.19 02:20 mangafrbot Runa Narumi quitte le groupe SoundOrion, condamnant celui-ci à abandonner événements et album

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2021.10.19 02:20 fishfetcher_anaconda Healthcare workers protest in Mekelle

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2021.10.19 02:20 foxcreekthrowaway The feeling of freedom.

You are a fucking narcissist and I’m glad we didn’t end up together. Despite how much I wanted it.
The memories I have of you are burned into my brain. Our intense love flashes pictures in my mind, And haunts my dreams.
Logically, I know you could never be what I wanted you to be. A husband, a father.
That’s not you.
You are a cold brisk beautiful wind. The embodiment of freedom. You are a wide open Utah Sky. A long embrace under a single gas station light, on a deserted, desert highway. You are an endless search for silence. A desperado. A dream, never meant to be a reality.
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2021.10.19 02:20 slightlylooney Out in public

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2021.10.19 02:20 InfiniteOutfield Can we please get a confirm button to accept invites?

So tired of me or a teammate accidentally accepting invites and getting booted from a game. Last night it happened to my buddy when he had $22k on him and we were in a really good spot. All of a sudden we're broke and a man down.
Why is it so hard to put a confirm on accepting invites? Or maybe don't make it the same button (on PS4) as it is to drop items?
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2021.10.19 02:20 mangafrbot Le spin-off de JoJo's Bizarre Adventure dédié à Josuke sortira en décembre

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2021.10.19 02:20 violettalune My mom started hitting my little brother more to upset me

She doesn’t hit him that much, especially compared to how much she used to beat me, but… We were on the topic of child abuse, more of me and her arguing. She says hitting kids is important and good discipline(won’t get into details but her beatings went far beyond discipline), I say all studies done on the subject showed only negative results.
I guess this got her to wanting to prove a point. So when my little brother(toddler age) acted up(whined over something insignificant), she hit him. And looked at me. Like she was fucking proving something to me. Like she can hit her kids because they’re hers and I can’t do anything because I’m, in her words, “dumb and inexperienced”.
God. I don’t even know. How can she claim that beating is effective when I, her most troublesome child was also beat the most, and my sister, who is her sweetest kid, was beat the least?
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2021.10.19 02:20 Unk_Dunk SETOOLKIT cred harvester question

Hey all, I'm trying to set up a tabletop for phishing for my small team. I'm by no means a red or purple reamer but I was able to get SETOOLKIT to spoof emails and a login page. My question is how can I have the ip be externally accessible? Right now the credit harvester is just my private IP address so I can only access it from my kali vm. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.19 02:20 opulent-pineapple Why do I feel bad when I receive complements?

Like yeah it really feels good but at the same time, if someone complements me, specifically my looks, I feel this sinking sudden sadness and idk why????
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2021.10.19 02:20 GCV1287 Alguém aqui trabalha no Banco do Brasil?

Boa noite pessoal! Prestei o último concurso do BB e, ao que tudo indica, serei aprovado. Queria conversar com algum funcionário de lá para ouvir experiencias, verificar se vale a pena tomar posse na minha situação, enfim, tirar algumas dúvidas que estão me gerando dúvidas. Se alguém der um toque, agradeço imensamente <3
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2021.10.19 02:20 mangafrbot Hiroshi Ono, le Dieu du Pixel Art, s'éteint à l'âge de 64 ans

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2021.10.19 02:20 -Ernie Good boi and girl going for a ride in the ‘97.

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2021.10.19 02:20 mangafrbot Toshihiro Iijima s'éteint à l'âge de 89 ans

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2021.10.19 02:20 Semigoodperson201242 What is a glyph with the best gems for Uncanny Ludwig's Holy Blade?

In a Pthumeru Root Chalice. I don't wanna run through a bunch of chalices, so what's the best glyph that'll give me some gems for the blade?
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2021.10.19 02:20 HeylelBen I hurt everyone and I can’t help but feel I’m better off dead

I disappoint and hurt every single person who comes into contact with me. I can’t seem to make anyone feel happy around me for long.
I honestly feel better of dead.
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2021.10.19 02:20 vrj89 Loungekitsch, by Verjault

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2021.10.19 02:20 InfantryMOD Investors pledge almost £10bn at UK Global Investment Summit

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2021.10.19 02:20 JkrackM It seems information that some us were given on voting for the hollywood deal was indeed false.

I just got confirmation that what they were speaking about is that we actually get to vote on the ASA when we didn't before. They made it seem like we were voting on the deal that was being negotiated at the moment, which the ASA was not. Which really, this doesn't do a damn thing, the Hollywood agreement is what dictates the ASA for the most part. This needs to be changes ASAP. There's not really a point of voting on the ASA at all. Every single member that's effected either directly, or indirectly, should get to vote on the Hollywood agreement when that's the agreement that dictates the rest of them. It wouldn't shock me if they keep it structured this way on purpose. If they have enough IATSE on the west coast in their back pocket to get the Hollywood agreement ratified, it kills any momentum of a fight against the other contracts. Please west coat members, VOTE NO!
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2021.10.19 02:20 AdSolid7023 Any recent 68w recently accepted into the flight medic program?

E5 active duty, 3 years left on contract. Don’t know where to start, just go find an aid station in a cab and start asking around, career counselor? It’d be awesome to hear from someone either recently accepted or at the schoolhouse what the timelines are looking like. My biggest concern is it taking so long to get accepted/complete that I have to extend past this contract.
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2021.10.19 02:20 TiplaR Book of common cards or paid rewards for 15wins in tournament?

So i have saved 700 gems. how should i spend them?
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2021.10.19 02:20 FogPanda One radiator cold, others hot, but hot at pipe

One radiator cold, others hot, but hot at pipe We have one radiator that's cold entirely, not just hot at the bottom or top, but the pipe going into it is hot. However, the heat stops at the bulbous... thing... pictured here. Where the valve is, I guess.
I've looked at various sites that said to:
  1. Bleed the radiator - I don't know how to do that on this radiator
  2. Change the thermostatic radiator valve - we don't have one
  3. Change the pressure on the other radiators in the house to make this one hot - didn't work, the pipe's hot, but the radiator's cold
  4. Replace the steam vent - this was done a few years ago and didn't fix the problem
  5. Check if it's hot at the top/bottom/partially - it's not, it's cold entirely
  6. Flush the sludge out of it - It's entirely cold, not partially
  7. Push the steam vent pin or something - The radiator never worked since we moved in
  8. Shut all the other radiators off via closing their valves, see if that fixes it, then turn them on one at a time - I don't think this is relevant here
  9. Open the valves on both sides - not possible, there's only one valve here
  10. Replace the valve - which may be the problem, but I'm really not sure
I'm not sure what to do here, and maybe it's as easy as bleeding the thing, but I'm also not sure how to on this radiator. Maybe my best bet is to call a plumber. Any help/advice is appreciated, thank you.
Only hot here
Bleed screw in the corner?
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2021.10.19 02:20 MagicianHot9428 🦊 Shiballistic 🌵 Just Launched | 7% SHIB Rewards | Huge Potential Here| Based and Transparent Team

💰 The Most Wanted Shiba of the West 💎 💰
Come join the ShibaCowboys as we prepare for launch this week! This may be a Shiba coin, but we are going to put those other Shiba coins in their place. It is time to take on the Shibaworld and show that we are in control.
We will wrangle everyone to us and show everyone what can happen when a ShibaSheriff along with his ShibaDeputies rule the west. Currently recruiting more ShibaDeputies that can help spread our message and put fud into Shiballistic jail!
Shibashots will go out to 10 lucky random winners after launch! These lucky ShibaCowboys will get their token values doubled after launch! So buy up quickly what you can at launch in order for the chance to double those tokens!
So lets get locked, loaded, pump it up and get ready to fire! Keep those Shibashots close to your vest, and prepare to take on the wild west of Shiballistic.
As we build and grow, we will create an intershiba platform! Where you can find and buy all the Shiba coins that we go track down and put into our Shiballistic Jail platform. All Shiba, one place, under the watchful eye of the ShibaSheriff.
🔒 Ownership Renounced
✅ Contract Verified
⛔ 🐋 Anti-whale Mechanics
—— Tokenomics ——
💰 Total Supply : 1,000,000,000
👨‍💻 1% Marketing
💦 2% Liquidity
⚖️ 7% Redistribution
Contract: 0x36d4fa82c389f69dbac3258c1af3ec81f0c4faa0
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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