is this a mushroom? if so what kind? located on the forest bed, northern Illinois

2021.10.19 00:47 kaless_ is this a mushroom? if so what kind? located on the forest bed, northern Illinois

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2021.10.19 00:47 Dr-FluffWhale Might get expelled

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2021.10.19 00:47 JiIIyconcarne Who are your top 3 male players, based on social game?

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2021.10.19 00:47 ThrowRA65a71 Guy (33M) in need of some help "reading" this woman (36M)

Background info: I met this demisexual woman on OkCupid a couple of months ago. I was mainly looking for friends, she the same plus long-term dating, but both of us agreed we would prefer to get to know each other as friends first. Now I'm starting to really like her, but I'm autistic and inexperienced when it comes to romance, so I have some trouble reading her to be honest, and hope I might get some help on here.
We've been texting every single day since we matched, played some games, and watched movies together, although not on voice as neither of us are comfortable with voice chat, but we've talked about meeting up quite a few times already. She lives in a nearby country, but with covid still going on, we haven't had a chance to meet up just yet.
Everything was going fine, but I've sensed a change in her over the past 1-2 weeks. She always asked about my day, and I hers, but recently she has stopped asking about mine, even when I ask about hers. Normally I would assume that means she has lost some degree of interest, but I still regularly get updates on what she is doing and where she is going, plus she sends pictures very often. Both of the places she goes and of herself, and her family for that matter. She clearly talks to them about me since they know about me, and tells her to say hi to me. Her mother even asked for a picture of me since I'd seen her a while back.
She still seems very excited about meeting up, and still says yes everytime I ask if we should play a game or watch a movie. We still text a lot, and I still get a good night text most nights, although they seem less enthusiastic than before.
Just today I mentioned something about how we've texted every day so far and she replied with. "It almost seems like we like to text each other "
Quite a long post, I know, but I guess I'm just wondering if I've been "friend zoned" or if she seems interested in a romantic sense? Obviously the friend zone is a made-up term, and kinda irrelevant when dealing with a demisexual, but you get the point.
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2021.10.19 00:47 777Genesis777 The orphanage Kenny and Armando visited is on Instagram and you can donate directly to their PayPal

The orphanage Kenny and Armando visited is on Instagram and you can donate directly to their PayPal
They have the option to donate once or set up a monthly donation. For those confused about what PayPal is showing them, the “.” (Full-stop/period) means one-thousand and the “,” (comma) is the decimal point.
2.000,00 = two-thousand
I think you can only pay in Mexican Peso (MXN), so be sure to check online how much you want to donate and then convert.
Link to their Instagram:
Link to their PayPal:
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2021.10.19 00:47 deviantdemon88 State of the stack one month in.

State of the stack one month in. Sorry for the terrible quality photo. I started stacking a month ago by buying 8 ASEs. I have since added 10 Maples and 15 Buffalos. The ASEs and Maples were purchased from goldeneaglecoin and the Buffalos were purchased from moneymetals.
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2021.10.19 00:47 FrenchElite Lutter contre le mal de dos avec le Yoga

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2021.10.19 00:47 sora_mui What is this? Is it possible to identify the species without a flower?

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2021.10.19 00:47 mtj004 Desperate times, call for desperate measures

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2021.10.19 00:47 ninjajiraffe DIY caliper paint?

I’m tempted to do it myself but not sure how complicated it is. Has anybody tried it?
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2021.10.19 00:47 orangeorange1234 Are there any planets which evolved without violence and no animals are predators or prey, just survive on non-sentient food sources?

Basically the title :)
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2021.10.19 00:47 Wayne_Hall53 VIP tickets

To those looking for VIP tickets prior to the festival — Have faith! Even though Dreamville Fest is “sold out” for their VIP tickets, a quick scan each day shows that some buyers periodically “drop” their tickets for anyone else to purchase from the website. You have to be quick and more importantly persistent, but so far I’ve see JV and Varsity tickets reopen for sale.
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2021.10.19 00:47 Funny_Scarcity8035 🐕‍🦺Mad Floki🐕‍🦺 Massive reflections! Just Launched |Get in early!! Liquidity locked! Contract verified! Safu Dev!

Floki has gone absolutely mad!
Floki has decided to leave the Musk family and start a journey on the BSC and he is determined to send it to the moon by handing out the the best and most unique tokenomics right now!
Introducing a new contract designed to reward our diamond handed community.
For the first time on top of the 7% reflections every 60 minutes, holders will recieve also extra 2% retro on all transctions every 48 hours!
▪️Equal Launch for everybody
▪️New Features
▪️Low Entry Cap
▪️Verified Contract
▪️Liquidity Locked
▪️Passive earnings
▪️Anti bot protection
▪️Unique Rewarding System
Mad Floki (MF)
💰Auto Rewards
-7% To all holders
-2% Retro every 48 hours
-1% Back to liquidity
-2% Marketing and Giveaways
💯Supply:1 000 000 000
Contract: 0x8e5f8e2ada79bdedf757404382e6cd1c108a8be5
Buy Here:
LP Locked:
Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 00:47 stevethepirate89 Help I've fallen and I can't get up

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2021.10.19 00:47 Think-Can-839 Am I missing something

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2021.10.19 00:47 davidmesquivel Where And When

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2021.10.19 00:47 New_Improvement_3155 🐶 $BezosDoge – Presale starting soon | Pre CMC & CG | 🐶Rewards in $SHIB | 💎10 000 NFTs to be minted after launch| 🚀Next x100

🐶What is Bezos Doge?
🌐 Website:
Bezos Doge is the next serious moonshot. Elon Musk is infamous for shilling Doge and have most likely made bank by doing it, and Bezos won’t be worse – rather better. $BDoge will be for Bezos what Doge is for Elon. Jeff Bezos will be stalked on twitter all day until he gives in and becomes a holder.
Bezos Doge will launch a 10 K NFT collection shortly after launch with NFT characters that will have utility in a coming P2E game featuring both Bezos himself and his beloved Doge. (launching in 2022)
The NFTs will have unique capabilities and there will also be both breeding (yes, do expect dog centaurs) and staking possibilities.
Every 22 333 334 $BDOGEs possessed (0.2 BNB at presale rate) will give you 1 NFT. 1 BNB invested in presale = 5 free mints when the NFT collection launch.
🚨Presale Information🚨
The presale will be announced once there are 2 K members in the TG.
🤑Why does it makes sense to buy $BDOGE?
✅NFT and P2E are the by far hottest crypto categories right now. In this case, you don’t only get tokens in a promising project, but also a “free” NFT for every 0.2 BNB invested in the presale. One buy – exposure to the two most hyped categories.
✅Super solid marketing. The CMO behind this project have been involved in many successful tokens such as $ShibaInu and Loud NFT
✅The token team are real life friends and are managing this token as a cooperation. It is their main focus.
✅1 entry, 2 bets. Double upside possibility. If the tokens do 20x and the NFT floor becomes 2 BNB(10x) – you have 30x.
✅Half downside risk, if one of the assets doesn’t perform as good as you like (god forbid), you still have a chance that the other asset does. 1 entry, but you get to bet on 2 horses.
📍Total supply: 1 000 000 000 tokens
📍10 % dedicated to the team
📍10 % dedicated to seed investors
📍10 % dedicated to staking rewards
📍10 % dedicated to future listing at Bitmart
📍35 % dedicated to public presale
📍25 % dedicated to Pancakeswap listing
♻️Taxes and Redistribution
📌 5 % Redistribution in Shiba Inu ($SHIB)
📌 5 % Marketing
📌 2% Liquidity boost
🔗 Join the community and feel the great vibe!
Bezos Doge token’s team have given you few social platforms that you can engage with and communicate with other people in the project. Right there you can contact the team and ask them anything you feel like it! I have done it myself and they are flawless in their response.
🌐 Website:
➡️Contract: 0x0f976c5990170d03addd379a42e6b31de2a8e51a
➡️ Pancakeswap :
➡️ Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 00:47 davbaldelli I waited them for so long 😍

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2021.10.19 00:47 ReneWhispers The Hat was succesfuly stolen

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2021.10.19 00:47 flashb4cks_ Alternator change on a manual Mini Cooper 2012.

Hey ! I recently had problems with a mini cooper 2012. My first language is french and know next to nothing about cars so excuse my lack of knowledge when it comes to the right terms to use.
Recently all of the breaks related lights turned on on dash board with no issues whatsoever with the breaks and the MpH indicators stopped working (both of them). I brought the car to the garage. They told me it was an issue with the alternator. (Not probably. They said it as a fact that it was what the problem was.) I paid for an alternator and when I got my car back the problem was not solved at all.
I went back to the garage, they said the old alternator probably caused the issue and that it brought issues with the sensors. They changed both sensors they thought could be causing the issue, the issue was still not solved at all. I paid for the sensors.
Only then, they told me they had no idea what was causing this issue. That they would had to bring it to BMW, or they could check if it was a problem with the wiring. At this point, I just refused.
Now I'm wondering if it's possible that they got it all wrong from the start and that I had to pay for an alternator all for nothing. Could they have diagnose the problem wrong right from the start and made me pay for nothing ?
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2021.10.19 00:47 blvdnghts_97 This is too good to be true! The ambient sounds are out of this world!

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2021.10.19 00:47 emurphy0108 If you're getting your knee put in plaster cast, can they leave your shoes/socks on and not have your toes sticking out?

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2021.10.19 00:47 asapfroggx ich⚔️iel

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2021.10.19 00:47 Bedside-Baptist Does anyone here own the Odessa-9? And if so, are you impressed with it? Also, anyone who recently received a suppressor in-hand, how long was the wait?

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2021.10.19 00:47 OGShottyG I haven't played with Kali sticks in a while, after this, i might just bring it back

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