Jojo inu just launched

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2021.10.19 02:07 Regular_Jelly1543 Jojo inu just launched

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2021.10.19 02:07 Jason-Red Coinbase referral October 2021 + Coinbase Earn

If you are looking at joining Coinbase, feel free to use the referral code below! Both you and I will earn $10 in gifted Bitcoin from Coinbase when you buy or sell $100 worth of any crypto through the Coinbase platform. If you buy or sell $124, we both earn $12, (I don't know why they show two different options, but I want to be as transparent as can be!)
When you join Coinbase Earn, you can easily earn a variety of free crypto currencies. Just watch a short video, which is really an ad for a specific currency and answer a relatively easy question on the video you just watched. While some people have said they have earned over $100 dollars this way, I have only earned about $75 dollars so far, but that is still $75 of free crypto.
If you decide to use the referral, thank you and feel free to comment and let me know! Good luck and enjoy the free Crypto!
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2021.10.19 02:07 jaguarherse 50[M4F] #Merrimack Valley Looking for Fun...both Clean and Dirty....

In-shape, not too hard on the eyes, well-educated WM seeks women (open to any race and a wide-range of ages) who enjoy all sort of fun and games--preferably those where clothing is optional :P
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2021.10.19 02:07 coffeeaddict001 Coffee do’s and don’ts: Is your freezer killing your coffee? -

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2021.10.19 02:07 Sbenny_Official Slots Era: Best Online Casino Slots Machines v1.73.2 Exclusive Cheat Menu & a lot more (updated)

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2021.10.19 02:07 therealpencilfingerz Hello lovers of film, what do you guys think of this Clint Eastwood tattoo I did?

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2021.10.19 02:07 EyybroBighead Need help with this electronics/PCB design please! Can't find any help anywhere.

Can someone please help me to figure out what kind of screen/cable combination I need to make the following work?
I have a tiny camera with LED light that is connected to a PCB and HDMI port (female end) via a cable ribbon (see pic). I did not make this camera/LED combo that is connected to the HDMI port so unfortunately I don't have too many details but it looks like a somewhat simple design. It is designed to *somehow* be both powered by a cable with a male-end-HDMI, and return video via the same HDMI cable (maybe it is not just a simple HDMI cable?). In the original design, a proprietary monitor with attached cable with male-end-HDMI connector, would be hooked up to this HDMI port and turn the camera and LED light on, and then display the video on the monitor. I am looking for a small portable monitor with a cable with male-end-hdmi that can hook up to this camera/LED on PCB, and display the video.
Unfortunately, hooking up a regular HDMI cable from a monitor, doesn't turn the camera on or transmit any video. I've tried a few cables.
I realize that it is hard to describe in words what I'm talking about, so hopefully the pics can clarify, but nonetheless, here is a list of what I'm looking for:
What I have:
- PCB with HDMI port with camera/LED combo attached via a cable ribbon.
What I need:
- A monitor and cable capable of plugging into the HDMI port and both supplying power to the camera, but also returning video and displaying it on the monitor.
Here is what I have:
Here is the PCB with HDMI port. Note the 68X SMD resistor (rated for 49.9 ohms?), as well as the RS05 resistor (current sensing thick film chip resistor? = 1/4 watt).
The whole apparatus:
Here is the front/HDMI port:
Here is the underside of the PCB:
This is the camera/LED combo. Unfortunately no markings on them to determine their specs:
The underside of the camera/LED combo
Any help with coming up with a solution for this would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you for reading this!
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2021.10.19 02:07 betomora DraftKings NFT Marketplace…don’t update your app on an iPhone!!!

Not sure how recent this change took place, but if you want to continue accessing the NFT Marketplace on DraftKings, don’t update your app on iOS! iPhone or iPad. I lost access and I as curious to as why. This is what DraftKings customer service said,
“Thanks for reaching out.
Due to Apple policies, all users using the newest version of the Fantasy App (4.15 or later) will no longer be able to access or transact on the DraftKings Marketplace through the app.
To buy, sell or view your NFTs please use on your mobile browser or desktop.
I appreciate your understanding here, but please let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.”
Curious as to what the policy is that made them remove the entire NFT marketplace access from the app. There goes that convenience of being able to access all that through the app.
Just your friendly public service announcement
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2021.10.19 02:07 feshter_for_2 Curseadisimo

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2021.10.19 02:07 Gadburn SCP 8

I thought the last chapter was too long so i cut if up. sorry.
Date: 6 months 11 days after "Liberation
Location: Shil'vati mess hall

"See her, she's the one." M'arala and Tv'ala chorused and gestured towards the lone Rakiri. Ristis looked at both of them and raised an eyebrow, "Sorry." They both said at the same time before looking at each other. Twins...

As the pod approached her she looked at them, bared her teeth and growled in anger sorrow in her eyes, "What?! here to gawk at the crazy woman who talks to the dead!?" Much to her surprise the three sat down beside her, one taking her hands . The pod leader looked into the woman's eyes, "we believe what happened to you, and we want to help."
That was not what the Rakiri was expecting, no one had believed her when she told them what happened to her pack, not of the strange smells and voices or how her sisters had spoken to her moments before she escaped, despite having been dead for hours.

"Not here, come to my quarters." The Rakiri stood and left the hall in silence, the three shill quickly following after her.

Date: 6 months 12 days after "Liberation"

Location: 05 Council Room, [Redacted]

Once again gathered around a table the projections of the 05 Council met to discuss recent events and efforts.

"All K-Class Extinction level threats remain contained and Cognito Hazards are being carefully monitored. I have to report that unfortunately with the escape of SCPs 939 our access to AMN-C227 is non existent and our supplies of class 3 amnestics are below optimum levels for our required needs. There is a silver lining; however with regard to the potential elimination of a Sindri level threat. Foundation assets close to Shil'vati leadership have convinced them to mandate Roentgen screenings. We may very soon be able to neutralize them."

A murmuring of approval filled the room, at the very least the invaders would prove useful in finally closing the books on one of the significantly more dangerous entities the Foundation has discovered.

"I'd like to move forward with discussing recent irregularities from certain council members that I believe could become detrimental to our mission. Would anyone care to begin?"

"I'll start... It was bad enough that SCP 3844 was allowed to run amok but now we have confirmed sightings of SCPs 4918-1, 4918-2 and 4918-2As all in the same location. The removal and transfer of SCP 2307 is also of concern and no elaboration has been provided as to why this has occurred."

"Reports indicate that a number of engineering and architectural staff, notes, tomes, grimoires samples, reagents among other assets have been commandeered. During this time of upheaval and limited resources they are sorely needed elsewhere." another voice added.

"Members of the Serpent's hand were also released from containment and the reason for doing so was not made clear." Several of the 05 council had brought forth concerns and complaints regarding the odd directives.

To say that several of the council were displeased may have been akin saying that the Earth was having a slight problem with aliens. Every site, every project was suffering from a lack of manpower and assets. Lester's recent behavior and orders had flown in the face of Foundation doctrine, out right violating two of its very founding principles.

It was to be expected that some of the 05 would take umbrage with his actions; however, as the saying went desperate times called for desperate measures. And while the foundation had faced far worse on numerous occasions, that was the problem wasn't it? Before the invasion the Foundation held the line. They did everything within their power to avert humanity's ruin and they had still failed, the Ganymede protocol already having been activated not once, but twice. This could not be allowed to continue.

Though the member faced a great deal of censure, as one of 05 council he could act how he saw fit to ensure Humanity's future with few to question his decisions. Even his peers could do little more than file complaints and have the council vote on the matter, that being said the vote did not necessarily require him to be present.

If his colleagues inquiries and condemnations bothered Lester he didn't show it and spoke to them composed as ever.

"I'll answer these in order, SCP 3844 proved quite effective in combating their aircraft. He gave our agent time to investigate how they could have circumvented our defences from the intact craft. I chose him to completely and utterly catch every eye watching our movements. During this time Foundation assets have gone completely undetected and our undercover operatives in the region were able to exfiltrate and give status updates with a significantly reduced chance of discovery."

"It was also observed that SCP 3844 failed to show up on both smaller ships censors and whatever installations they have in orbit."

Most of the council could accept a more unorthodox approach if it yielded beneficial results or preserved assets.

"I am disappointed to say that the technology that would have allowed them to do shroud themselves from our sensors or hide from SCP 179 were not present aboard the ship. We will need access to further samples and more information before we can conclude otherwise though."

Though the smaller vessel was not in possession of the necessary technology to obfuscate the Foundations eyes it did not mean the alien civilization lacked the ability to do so. It was afterall, only a small fighter.

"Furthermore my colleagues it should be remembered that SCP 4918 and all its instances are notoriously difficult to track. Our operatives and agents could not be expected to foresee their intervention. And as they seem to be working together with 3844 I would ask the council to ensure they be allowed to continue doing so. If for no other reason than we shall at least be able to monitor their movements."

SCP 4918 instances had evaded Foundation personnel since their discovery and had not proved to be particularly malignant. The instances known to have surfaced alongside 3844 were considered by most present to be relatively benign.

"Next I would like to address the personnel and materials I have requisitioned are with the exception of the transportation personnel involved entirely non essential to the continued operations of our facilities or critical to any ongoing undertakings. I know that we are in dire need of more able bodies but I have only taken what we can spare."

The foundation sites had long been repaired, and the architects and engineering departments had been sitting on their proverbial hands ever since. The other resources and material were of no real value to the Foundation and he had been well within his powers to put them to use.

"As for SCP 2307 my agent in Caerleon has received it and is waiting to deliver it to 4918-1, with him finally located we may be able to discern if our conjecture about the blade holds true."

"finally I ordered the release of several members of the Serpent's Hand, each of them were detained because of their affiliation to the group rather than any malicious or violent intent towards the Foundation. In exchange a handful of our agents will be granted limited access to the sections of the Wanderer's Library the Hand maintains."
The Foundation and the Serpent's Hand had long antagonized one another and came into conflict on a semi regular basis. But having even limited access to the Wanderer's Library could prove incredibly invaluable.

"Before we close are there any other topics to discuss?" Most of the council had been placated and accepted their peer's motivations and would not doubt them further, even if they didn't truly agree.

"I would just like to report that the soldiers I allowed to leave without amnestics are behaving themselves, they did not report anything other than the cover story and I believe they will prove to be a worthwhile investment."

"In fact they may have a lead on the escaped SCP 939 instances. "Even with the voice scrambler the rest of the council could here the smug I told you so of 04.

"Hopefully they shall turn out better than your previous investments." The projection that uttered that very quickly realized their error and the others were silent. They had all seen what the Veteran could do when his ire was earned.

"Something turned meine kumpels and until we can prove otherwise that's what I'll continue to believe. I didn't think it had to be said but don't ever bring it up again, don't even whisper it. It.. is... Verboten."

"That being said, I'd like the last word if that is acceptable?" The council had no objection Lester had been more than patient.

"The end of the unknown is the end of all stories. The end of all stories is the end of change. The end of change is the end of Everything. What are those stories without heroes? We have lived in the dark for so long I think we have forgotten what those in light may need."

Thank you to the creators of SCPs 1788, 3844, 939, 4918 and 6500 and u/Bluefish
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2021.10.19 02:07 New_Improvement_3155 🔥FlokiX🔥 Just launch, one of the most potential moonshot rebase + cake rewards token out there, marketcap is still low and big buy coming in, they already have more than 5 influencers tweet and keep coming

What is FlokiX?
Rebase + Cake rewards🍰
5% Cake Rewards
5% Marketing
4% added to Liquidity Fee
1% Ecosystem
FlokiX was born from Elon’s recent tweet, it is considered to be the fairest meme token on the Binance Smart Chain.
FlokiX is a unique token that has rebase functionality and rewards in cake.
This way holders will earn cake reward automatically and have an evergreen chart.
Rebases make price-elastic tokens into synthetic commodities with fluctuating values and supplies that gradually stabilize.
For example, If a token worth 1$ each and you bought 1,000 token, the value of it worth $1,000.
If we were to rebase 50% of the supply then the value of each token is now worth $2 however your supply will be reduce by 50% which only 500 tokens remain.
This will it will make an evergreen chart for bullish trend.
🔥Contract: 0x8d32e62bba06b89e89b9ac622ab24a571bd13d9c
🔥Pancakeswap :
🔥 Renounced Ownership:
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2021.10.19 02:07 Feeling_Librarian_98 Going to Epcot for the 1st time on my birthday

Hey ya’ll, I’m a big Disney World fan - I go there as often as I can but I’ve never been to Epcot. Do you guys have any tips and tricks for a 1st timer? I’m going on Wednesday!
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2021.10.19 02:07 Tea_bias Popping during constant Rev

I recently got a new wrx sti 2021. Its my first manual car and performance car that ive owned. While i was practicing controlling the throttle to get smoother starts, i notice that there where these random pop noises coming from the car under constant rev. The car was in neutral and i was only giving about 2k rpm. Is this a sign of bad fuel or perhaps a leak in the exhaust? The tachometer would also randomly bounce when it would occur
Just wondering if its something i should take the car into the shop for? Thanks for all the help.
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2021.10.19 02:07 WeBeTV Someone please put the Shib face on William Wallace. Lol Maybe robinhood on other 🤷‍♂️😂

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2021.10.19 02:07 Pwnerdarman TIL that nine U.S. senators died (and one resigned) in two years 1954 & '54

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2021.10.19 02:07 HearTomorrow "I can see my house from here" - Orbiting ISS captures video of North Shore

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2021.10.19 02:07 TheRealEMDUBAI The LINE was DRAWN in the Sand 9 months Ago , Us vs EVERYONE 🙌🏽💎🦍

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