David Renwick on resurrecting Victor Meldrew - British Comedy Guide

2021.10.19 02:02 gewyvoso David Renwick on resurrecting Victor Meldrew - British Comedy Guide

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2021.10.19 02:02 aburple Ribeye

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2021.10.19 02:02 Riverheath Judge stereotypes

If you were a judge on NTM what judge stereotype would you be? Are you the mean one? The flamboyant gay one? The drunk? The flighty one? The one that barely makes an impact and lasts one season?
What’s your fantasy fashion occupation? Are you a photographer? A fashion designer? A hat designer to the stars? An icon?
What’s your judging style? Are you biased? Do you give weightless critiques? Do you just make bird noises?
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2021.10.19 02:02 Ok_Gear_99 "Bando" Lil Baby Type Beat 2021

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2021.10.19 02:02 Buzzek Darkners need to be "flexible" to enter other Fountains

Darkners are items and Dark World is a "dream world", a world of imagination. Darkners' purpose is to assist the Lightners. Every Darkner is an item, a "toy" that gains life and personality using the imagination/dreams of a Lightner. Lightners play with them. Assing their roles and quirks and everything.
Imagine a LEGO block. One day, it's a part of an alien. Tomorrow, it will be a part of a car. Likewise, a doll is named Dolly today, but tomorrow she may be called Ellie.
That's why, in my opinion, the "perfect Darkner" can become anything at any moment. "Will of the fountain" is some set of rules that makes everything alive in some specific sense. I think Ralsei is the perfect Darkner. He's completely aware of what the Darkners are, and that's why he can enter any world he wants.
Ralsei has some set personality, but it's not a strong one. At some point, he says the famous "I don't know what it means to be Ralsei-like". He is flexible and subject to the Lightners. He doesn't have strong opinions, isn't forceful, he's completely dependant on Susie and Kris. That's his ticket to the other worlds. Lancer and Rouxls, on the other hand, has very strong personalities. They are exactly who they are. Even though they left their world, they begin to do things their own way and that's why they become petrified. They attempt to stand equal to Lightners, who are unaffected by the will of the fountain.
I think the "True Fountain" is a fountain without a will. That allows everyone to be themselves, creating a utopia for Darkners. No petrifications, no rules. Any other world is literally a playground for Lightners, who force the personality on the Darkners, which is fair given we're talking about literal items. That's my idea about it.
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2021.10.19 02:02 MEMEHISTORIAN420 Australia moment

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2021.10.19 02:02 CyberStar9999 Bread 👍

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2021.10.19 02:02 peebs6 Who would you trade for Ja’Marr Chase?

My buddy wants to trade me for him and I’m trying to get a gauge of his value in y’all’s opinions. I’m not too deep at WR but am very deep at RB so I’m hesitant to trade him. Who would make it worth your while?
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2021.10.19 02:02 AggressiveCompany523 NBA 2K22 MyCareer PC - Philly Ends Our 11 Game Winning Streak! Choked in the 4th! Ep.23

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2021.10.19 02:02 Unlikely_Skirt2954 Wen exchange?

Was wen wallet? Now wen exchange? Need 10000000x overnight. You have until midnight.
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2021.10.19 02:02 SageMode90 Is a urine test more accurate then saliva?

Ok so if you pass a urine drug test does that mean you will 100% pass the mouth swab saliva drug test?
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2021.10.19 02:02 FrenshyBLK I could go on for hours about how the Bunny and Ruby Soho beating Reigns and Lesnar in a key demo somehow means that WWE is far superior

But I think my mom and her boyfriend are calling me upstairs because dinner is ready
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2021.10.19 02:02 lorenzomofo Bondi lifeguard rescues young girl swimming in the sea without even her parents in the water with her

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2021.10.19 02:02 TitleComprehensive96 What it was like watching the Live Action opening

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2021.10.19 02:02 t1mellitus Thanks Twitter

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2021.10.19 02:02 NoVowelsBot Wht’s tht n dsgstng thng tht vrybdy xcpt y, sms t lk?

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2021.10.19 02:02 randomuserappears Posted this elsewhere however I'm new and I'd like to participate here so I'll drop it off here too :) wip, clearly. Frankly the dress was a bit rushed just to get something on her.

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2021.10.19 02:02 SoftSeaSpider Wasted my stupid money on something I can’t figure out how to return

It was supposed to fit. It said it would fit. I just want to relapse. I was so excited. It said it would fit.
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2021.10.19 02:02 ArsenaV108 Who's your favourite 2010s F1 forgettable driver

Self-explanatory tbh
View Poll
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2021.10.19 02:02 Gegenuebertragung hmmm

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2021.10.19 02:02 Traditional_Ad1941 ForeverSHIBA chart is breaking the world. Are you in on this? lol

I just bought a bag of this when it had a little dip because of the way the chart has been performing. This is one of the best charts I've seen in the altcoin world lol. Looks like it could be heading to the moon. Sitting at a 513k Market cap, and only 2 days old after a stealth launch I'm calling this the next 1000x.
Do your own research on this guys and act fast as it's expected to hit CMC + CG soon.
CA: 0xd82c3f967e04eeef9363b9d2a3fb6c2ca3aba491
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2021.10.19 02:02 JuMa96 Hello, everyone I’ve already heard from many Reddit posts that, according to Papa, we will reach a supply of 100 million. Does anyone have any idea how this is supposed to work?

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2021.10.19 02:02 ZoolShop New scamming method.

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2021.10.19 02:02 NEWTECHVIDZ when the fire campers won't come down

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2021.10.19 02:02 Luymara Troubleshooting PiHole on VM

I hate to bother this sub with another "I dunno how stuff works"-post, but it's my only place to find help rn
So what did I do? I set up a PiHole on CentOS 8 in a VMware Workstation Player VM on my desktop.
The VM uses a bridged Network connection, so the router recognizes the VM as a separate connection with it's own IP address. Only IPv4 is configured and static, on the OS and in the Router for the VM. VM Config: - IP: x.x.x.143/24 - Gateway: x.x.x.1 (Router IP) -DNS: x.x.x.143 Router uses it's local DNS Server under x.x.x.1, which (as it is a local DNS) also the routers IP. Desktop DNS is set to to IP address of VM. in my Browser DNS over HTTPS is deactivated
as Upstream DNS I use the OpenDNS and the PiHole is set to listen on all Interfaces I've tried flushing, releasing and renewing the DNS Cache multiple times, so far I couldn't get it to work on my Desktop, just on the PiHole VM itself.
I would be very happy to find out, why on my desktop no DNS filtered and the PiHole doesn't even recognize it as a Client (tho it sees it under the Clients tab, but not as connected to the PiHole)
Thank you for your time, I hope you have a great day Lu
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