I need help - PC

2021.11.28 14:36 StraightAssociation8 I need help - PC

I’m still new to PC. Ive tried playing BO3 but it keeps black screening and my gpu starts sounding like a jet engine. It only happens on BO3 for some reason. It mainly occurs when I’m in game for about 10-15 mins. I currently have the MSI Nvidia GeForce Gtx 1660 ti. If you know anything I could do please comment below. I’ve tried looking it up on forums and YouTube and only found irrelevant info.
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2021.11.28 14:36 DREwNIX707 This sad is giving me the choice between modern, movement, and pro, what does that mean?

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2021.11.28 14:36 RLCD-Bot [Dominus] [Black RLHP]

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2021.11.28 14:36 EveryEfficiency6 tunefmofficial

This is a excellent project, i like the project with an extraordinary approach to business development on the blockchain. I hope that the team will be enable to popularize their platform early. @tunefmofficial $JAM $HBAR #NFTs #Crypto #TUNEFM https://tune.fm/
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2021.11.28 14:36 thedepartedskat Binance Libra

Here is Binance Libra. Binance Libra: Briefly, Binance is one of the most innovative cryptocurrency exchanges in the market. How to register? Step 1: Go to the Binance registration page. First of all click the link to go to Binance’s registration page. Step 2: Fill out the form by entering your email and password. The password must be at least 8 characters with uppercase letters and numbers. After that, tick the box to agree to Binance’s terms of use and click on the 'create account' button. Step 3: Verify your email address. Check out your email address for the confirmation code. After entering your verification code, your email address will be confirmed and you can start using your Binance account. Binance developers and global community members continuously work to improve the ecosystem and popularize the use of cryptocurrencies globally. The exchange is a great trading option for both beginners as well as experienced traders. Depositing funds is entirely free with Binance. Trade over 180 cryptocurrencies on Binance. Binance is one of the major altcoin exchanges with one of the best selection of tradable assets. Go to official Binance site from here.
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2021.11.28 14:36 Altruistic_Hat_5357 Oh, M-Monika.. >////<

Oh, M-Monika.. >////<
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2021.11.28 14:36 AdditionalShow6 How to Stream NFL Games ➤▎ Eagles vs Giants Live Stream ✳️ Giants vs Eagles Live Stream ✳️ Titans vs Patriots Live Stream ✳️ Patriots vs Titans Live Stream ✳️NFL 2021➤▎

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2021.11.28 14:36 SelenaScarlet33 Coconut milk obtained by pressing method.

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2021.11.28 14:36 KitkatChunky00 Beatrice cooka da meatball

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2021.11.28 14:36 JusticeS68 Quit getting out of the vehicle to change seats!

I've seen way too many people getting into the passenger seat and then getting out, running around the vehicle to get into the driver's seat... Just press the damn "A" button.
Pressing "A" while in a vehicle automatically switches your seat without having to get out
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2021.11.28 14:36 afnjwanlglnrdglsenr What views do you think are holding libertarianism back the most?

Ignoring actual voting laws like first past the post. What would you say are the views or types of libertarians that hold the idea back the most.
I would personally say the Anarcho Capitalists turn the most people away just due to how common they are. While the people who are really interested in repealing the civil rights act and similar bills probably turn people off the hardest.
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2021.11.28 14:36 defreebiebuddy 18Pcs Pencil Die Grinder $29.99, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested

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2021.11.28 14:36 Lord_Sithek Turn the Airplane Mode on/off automatically on unrooted watch

Hi everybody
I'm looking for a way to do a very specific thing. NOTE: Target device is my WearOS 2 new watch - TicWatch Pro 3 Ultra LTE. It is NOT ROOTED.
BACKGROUND: Since the watch has eSIM, I purchased eSIM profile from my local network carrier. This watch isn't officially supported, but I downloaded eSIM profile successfully. Interestingly, for a time everything, including internet network and calling, is working fine. However, after few hours LTE network stops to kick in when the watch is disconnected from my phone (it should starts automatically). This is mysterious issue, but I havent found any clue in the web except one hint: when you manually toggle airplane mode on and off when the watch is out of the phone range, LTE kicks in instantly. And surprisingly it works that way! :D
So now Im trying to find a way to automatically toggle airplane mode on/off on the watch when it loose the connection with the phone. Since it isnt connected with the phone for a while, it is obvious that entire operation has to be done on the watch itself. If I could root it, I could probably figure the solution out myself. But it is not possible to root this watch at the moment, so Im looking for a workaround.
I was trying with AutoWear and "Disconnected form the phone" command, but sadly it doesnt seem to recognize the state correctly... Moreover, this way I could only turn airplane mode on, not off, since AutoWear allows only one action at a time. Second, I was trying to create kid app in Tasker with the BT Connected condition and toggle airplane mode task (also tried with custom global settings) and it seems to toggle the button, but it doesnt change the connectivity state unfortunately (probably because of the lack of intent broadcasted, as I found out here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/10506591/turning-airplane-mode-on-via-adb/40271379).
So Im out of ideas now and I decided to reach out the community for help :) Do you know any other way to achieve my goal on UNROOTED device? I'll be grateful for any insight on the matter. Cheers
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2021.11.28 14:36 TheOGFunkyFighter Looking for social players

Hey guys looking for cool people to casually murder some folk with!
Gamertag is Funky Fighter
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2021.11.28 14:36 Routine-Badger-425 Fantagio's Grade.

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2021.11.28 14:36 d00dsm00t Keep pumpin' out them kids tho

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2021.11.28 14:36 AlexGo47 [H] Games [W] Offers or paypal

Space Punks Founders Pack: Splendor Edition (epic store)
SoulCalibur VI
Yakuza Kiwami
Sword Legacy Omen
Mr. Shifty
Zombie Army Trilogy
Resident Evil Revelations
Sniper Elite
Sniper Elite V2
Dead Island Definitive Edition
Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered
Mega Man Legacy Collection
Homefront: The Revolution
My Time at Portia
Fluffy Horde
Cities: Skylines + After Dark DLC
Regular Human Basketball
911 Operator + 911 Operator - Special Resources DLC
Hollow Knight
Seven: The Days Long Gone
Purrfect Date - Visual Novel/Dating Simulator
Immortal Redneck
Pool Panic
The Dwarves
Hard Reset Redux
Dungeons 3
American Truck Simulator
Hidden Folks
Gremlins, Inc.
Old Man's Journey
We Were Here Too
Aporia: Beyond the Valley
The Land of Pain
Rolling Sun
Cursed Castilla (Maldita Castilla EX)
Gemini: Heroes Reborn
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2021.11.28 14:36 ExcuseMeWTF50 "The Wish" Part 5

Penny and the crew gets back from their voyage, just getting back to some land, Penny is bedazzled in expensive jewelry while Darryl is carrying expensive treasures
Penny:"I'm glad that worked out better than expected, I can ask for anything I want and it will come true!"
Darryl:"That's nice Penny but when can I start wishing for stuff."
Penny:"Gene, I wish for Darryl to stop asking about wishes."
Gene:"Your wish is my command."
Penny looks around, she notices something sticking out of a bush nearby
Penny loads her flint-lock pistol
Tara:"They're onto us! Leon grab the lamp."
Leon uncloaks and tries to snatch the lamp away, Darryl tackles Leon
Leon:"A little help?"
Tara throws out a black hole into the air
Penny:"I wish for that hole to disappear!"
Gene:"Your wish is my command."
The hole fades out of existence, Tara groans
Sandy:"Sand shroud!"
Sandy makes a sandstorm appear
Penny:"I wish I could see through this sandstorm!"
Gene:"Your wish is my command."
Penny spots sandy and Nita through the sandstorm, Penny hits Nita, coins fly out at Sandy, knocking him out
Tara goes over to Sandy and carries him out of the battle,Bo appears and shoots arrows at the pirates
Penny:"I wish I had a invulnerable force field!"
Gene:"Your wish is my command."
The arrows get blocked by the forcefield
Penny:"I wish that guy didn't have any arrows!",
Gene:"Your wish is my command."
Bo:"What kind of sorcery is this?"
Penny:"Tick! Do something!"
Tick throws mines all around them
Penny:"C'mon let's go!"
The trio runs back to their ship, Surge appears in front of them
Surge:"Going somewhere?"
Surge knocks Darryl to the ground and throws Tick away, Penny is backed against a wall
Surge:"No where left to go, hand over the lamp."
Penny:"Over my dead body!"
Penny notices a rat nearby, she picks it up and flings it onto Surge's face
Surge:"Ah! Get it off, get it off!"
Surge walks around blindly, he falls into the water below
Penny:"Sucker! I wish for you to take us outta here."
Gene:"Your wish is my command."
The ship gets away as Tara watches helplessly, she looks back at everyone else
Tara:"How...did that go so wrong?"
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2021.11.28 14:36 i__need__answers Just out of curiosity, what does the little symbol above the service strength bars (to the right of wifi symbol) mean? Noticed it recently. I'm on Verizon, in the US. Thanks in advance.

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2021.11.28 14:36 ApocalypseOptimist Who can revive after death?

  1. Is it only Stormcast Eternals who can live on after being slain via return to Azyr or do any of the other Order factions have methods for resurrection also?
  2. All the death guys can return after being killed too right?
  3. Can anyone in Chaos do it other than Daemons?
  4. Any destruction factions have rezzes?
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2021.11.28 14:36 theo313 Fifteentwenty (aka 1520) has 50% off all items today!

Fifteentwenty (aka 1520) has 50% off all items through today.
Use code BFW in the checkout section.
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2021.11.28 14:36 PeterPorky Yee (and I cannot stress this enough) HAW 🤠🤏

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2021.11.28 14:36 Lavenderfieldsforeve Happy Sunday, time to cuddle

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2021.11.28 14:36 IAmTheStik Updates. FC day. Good ,bad, ugly.

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