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I gotta admit, I always wondered...

2022.01.22 04:42 Sumobob99 I gotta admit, I always wondered...

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2022.01.22 04:42 ghostpocket MH Noob: what is the best early armour set?

Hey hunters!
Just bought Rise and I’m absolutely loving it!! I’ve only killed about 4 or 5 monsters so far with the dual blades.
What is a good armour set to start out with? I’ve got no idea what I’m doing but everything about the game is so charming!! I’m also looking at getting world.
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2022.01.22 04:42 tvkiepie best gay playlist ever LIKE FR

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2022.01.22 04:42 Bestwriterr [HIRE ME]- Looking for Exceptional Assignment Writing? Expert Homework Help with Your Essays, Discussions or Research Papers. Discord: bestwriter#5954- 1 (607) 364-4

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2022.01.22 04:42 shaleenaditya Some pictures i took

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2022.01.22 04:42 TheAsiaToday Jade Tuncdoruk has found herself in hot water

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2022.01.22 04:42 vnevner Pris:save your Diamond eggs because thay are Hard to get and you need them for the Diamond mask. Also pros:

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2022.01.22 04:42 Ormekuglen Will 200 FCR Frost Nova Sorceress be viable in patch 2.4?

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2022.01.22 04:42 japanidol カライドスコープ - Angel 【OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO】

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2022.01.22 04:42 YooniVT pre order

helloo do you know how to pre order the game?
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2022.01.22 04:42 TransAshh I’m conflicted // My Story

Imma just start from when I can remember and give you the story of what I’m able to remember! Sorry in advance if this is long af! I had to rant a bit :))
About 4 ish years ago, I started somewhat questioning my sexuality. I started buying more adult toys and trying them out and seeing how I felt about them. I shopped for woman’s underwear and bras when I was able to gather the courage to do so. At this point in time for me, this was nothing other than a kink of mine, or so I thought. I essentially idolized many bikini models and wanted to look like them when I was in the mood (more about this later). At this time in my life, I was still super uncomfortable with this part of me and made sure no one knew besides my closer buddies. I purged my stuff (toys and clothes mostly) on a somewhat regular basis, which in retrospect was a bummer because I had good things I let go. As time progressed and I got more comfortable with myself and my surroundings, I opened up to a lot more people that I wore woman’s underwear and sometimes liked to crossdress. This is when I started going to places like Victorias Secret and when I really started to enjoy the experience. It wasn’t a very big step for me, but again in retrospect, I consider this to be quite a big jump in the history of things. I never considered at this point that I could be transgender, partially because I really only got the urge when I was in the mood and idolizing the bodies and demeanors of some of the women. It hasn’t been until these last few months where I have put in extreme thought into who I am. I am now a sophomore in college and I started off my first semester of my sophomore year dating a woman whom I had been good friends with in the past. While in this relationship, however, this is when I really started to question my gender. I just didn’t seem happy as a guy dating a woman. I was also extremely busy with my major, so it was hard to allocate the proper time to have a healthy relationship, but regardless, the biggest thing on my mind was my questioning of gender. Shortly after I broke up with her, I started straightening my hair, shaving my whole body, using fem beauty products, trying makeup, and shopping for more feminine clothes on a regular. Every chance I get I try out my makeup skills and I’m always shopping for clothes that look good on me. I’m writing for a few reasons, one is so I can just vent, two is that I want to discuss with myself and whoever ends up reading this whether or not this has somehow become a “kink gone wild” sort of thing. I know that’s a dumb thing to say, but I want to make sure that I’m actually trans and not actually just a cis man that really likes being fem. It’s eating me up inside that that could be the case, but I don’t feel like it is. I mentioned towards the beginning that I really only felt fem when I was in the mood, but at this point in time, I feel fem basically 24 hours a day. I don’t have to be in the mood at all to see myself as a female. I’ve seen on some Reddit posts that some trans fem people asked themselves hypotheticals to narrow down their decisions. Things like “if you could push a button right now and it would transform you into a female and everyone around you would be totally cool with it, would you?” And I absolutely would 100%. I feel as though I knew I was all along, I just referred to it as a kink because I was scared at the time. I don’t even know. Ive come out to a few friends of mine that I think I’m trans and they have all been super supportive, but again I don’t want to say that to everyone and it turns out I’m a fraud. I’ve been putting so much thought into it it’s making my head spin. I don’t even know what I expect from this but I just needed to get that off my mind. I tend to overthink things a lot ;/
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2022.01.22 04:42 emahchi Carrier Unlock a Blacklisted Phone

So I just got an iPhone 13 Pro Max at a fair price, the deal is that the device is carrier locked to T-Mobiler and blacklisted. I don't mind the blacklisted part as I don't live in the US and plan to use it overseas. The deal is that I don't really know if the phone can be carrier unlocked if it is blacklisted. So, is there a way to use this phone outside the US?
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2022.01.22 04:42 JustLitGamer69 Ummm my game is not opening again... i got it free from epic games then it was free

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2022.01.22 04:42 ManiqMaddix Decided I wanted to stop looking for a Mrs and hook ups and now….

Hey guys. 28 y.o aussie male here. Quick backstory; I have always managed to date/ find hook up’s ect, however none of the relationships were “long lasting” per se, and found it relatively easy to find regular hook-ups/casual ONS (Definitely not bragging or anything as it’s a lonely life) since I was in my late teens up until a year ago and found started not having much luck with either. However I made the conscious effort a few months ago to delete my dating apps and all that and to stop pursuing, and also to work on myself a lot more considering for the last 7-8 years I have struggled yet also managed being a habitual stimulant substance abuser. This also involves focusing more on turning my occupation into a career ect. I have been clean from heavy every day substance abuse for almost 2 years now and about 8-9 months currently clean from very casual once a month/ every two months if that use.(There was around a 6 month gap in between before I began casual use again). As a result now I’m experiencing a weird thing where I’m having multiple females come out of absolutely no where and pursuing me for dates, hook ups ect which feels very odd and alien considering we are living in COVID times and I don’t leave the house all that often except for work and grocery shopping lol.
Now I have noticed this happen to me before when I was a little bit younger, but not to this scale, maybe it just feels more intense cos I’m older now? Once again I must clarify that this is definitely not bragging of any sort, I was just wondering what the significance is behind all of this? Have I hit a point in my life where I’m truly happy within myself and its something to do with the laws of attraction OR is this the universe testing me in an obscure way to see if I’ve really changed within myself to see if I’m gonna seriously fuck it up? I consider myself a spiritual person of sorts and tend to be pretty good at following my gut/intuition but I’m just finding this point of my life very confusing considering dating in your late 20s feels very foreign to navigate.
Anyway the point of this post is has anyone else experienced this or anything similar and have any wisdom whether that be positive or negative to bestow upon me? Would be greatly appreciated !
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2022.01.22 04:42 roberta_sparrow Tips for high cadence/low resistance?

I’m about 5 rides in and loving it, but I find the high cadence low resistance time the hardest even though they are supposed to be “rest” moments. I feel like my legs just get so out of control and feel floppy, like everything is flailing. Am I doing something wrong?
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2022.01.22 04:42 Artistic_Butterfly36 My first Seiko, couldn't be more impressed with the dial [SNSX79]

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2022.01.22 04:42 kittykatloonie Love isn't enough, In god we CRUST.

I honestly always thought about who would love me forever when I was a teen. Wishing for someone who would continuously care for me reguardless of our circumstances. Learning and then believing, 'love conquers all.' Little did I know that was a lie. LOVE isn't something you need in a relationship, it's what you want. Never the less, it is useless without the fundamental attributes that support it; the necessities: C.R.U.S.T. Eventually, I realized love and marriage never really went together like a horse and carriage. The carriage and horse needed obvious things to sustain a successful ride; wheels, shoe rings, harnesses, saddles, blinders, ... etc. Why are the small requirements of a healthy relationship not recognized now adays? Everyone is so busy worrying about the end game of their journey, and not the maintenance required to get there safely and successfully. Being part of a toxic relationship time after time teaches you that love isn't enough. I've come up with a system that I hope to build more on one day, that really narrows some important factors to get out of relationships alive. Not just romantic, but any relationship that is seemingly toxic. I call it CRUST. If these five key elements aren't addressed, you can throw your eternal love out the window. Whats it stand for? Communication, respect, understanding, support and trust. Our exchange of energy has been around for ions. HOWEVER, The ability to exchange thoughts and words, not so much. It saddened me to realize, without speaking, I often communicated better with my pets than I did my ex. There was Constant assumptions, with no affirmations. Misunderstandings followed with blame, rather than accountability. Even the idea of never being alone, but always feelin so lonley. Eyes glued to devices instead of eachother. Always Finding things to critique, instead of appreciate. The fact that there are over 6500 languages, but some of us still don't ask our kids how school was today. We teach our children to ' use your words' when we cant even practice expressing ourselves as adults. Showing anger, BUT aiming for discipline with , " No! " to a child is useless.. telling them when theyre wrong, but not how or why so. Expectations of accountability from our partners with out reminders, or encouragements, or too many reminders fallen on deaf ears.. reguardless there has to be communication for understanding, and with understanding comes RESPECT. When the alpha hunts for IT'S pack, the other animals understand that the one who's in charge, eats first, as the weaker ones get scraps. Why? Because the person who puts forth the effort to support his community should be respected. Even if its a beta wolf, there is still an understanding of boundaries and hiarchy in the animal kingdom. As it should be with us. 
Not sure if its the younger generation, or just the narcissists of the world, but people now adays feel like they are born with something owed to them. They'll run their mouth to a stranger, knowing they'll never see them again, but never defending your position of dominance in a small community amosgt those you know. If you act like a clown, you'll never be a king. Just as if you act like a wench , you'll never be a queen. Respect is as simple as the golden rule, but again, some of us stopped learning to communicate, understand and respect eachother when we are young. Perhaps it has to do with learning to respect only our elders, when we become elders, we believed its just owed, and not earned. The easiest way to respect and understand someone, is to observe their position and environment in life. Take a walk in their shoes. Keep in mind, You have no idea what little support system they had to struggle to get to where they are today. Which leads me to the most important element of CRUST, in my opinion, atleast my favorite; support. There are infinite ways to show your support someone you love, however they can be broken down into three categories: Emotional, physical, and financial support. These three sub categories of support circle back around to communication in a way because of our "five love languages". Lets break them down.. 'Words of affirmations ' implies you lift your human up with positive words. You make sure their emotional love bucket is filled. Next is 'acts of service' having more so to do with what can they do for you. Splitting chores, laying out surprises, even favors. When someone exerting energy to lesson your suffering, that is physical support. This is my favorite, where as 'gifting ' is my least. SOME people will give you the hand, instead of the heart. Meaning, the only way to show they love you is with new shiney things, or paying bills. Ie, sugar babies, or trophy wives.. This is financial support. Ive never minded working, if it didn't affect and take away from all the other languages.. like 'quality time' and 'touch", both which tie back to emotional and maybe physical support. Reguardless what kind of love language speaks to you best, its important to understand which support system you can provide, and those you need to work on. Lastly, trust, this is litterally the blinders on the horse. Take what you have as your biggest offering to the table, and imagine you just simply couldn't any longer. If the town Taylor lost her fingers, or city musician lost his hearing. One would feel utterly lost and hopeless. Religion has alot to do with trust and faith. Knowing someone or something has your back when you cant provide as normal. Pushing on reguardless, because you know there will be an answer, because they won't let you do this alone. Imagine never seeing the obstacles around you and beside you, but continuing forward because you must. A horse needs blinders from distractions, but trusts his rider enough to move forward reguardless, with our fear. If only less people were driven by fear. That brings me to the conclusion of original thought as my rambling seems to make less sense. Fear and trust Corralate. Youll never feel safe, if you dont have trust. You cant have CRUST with out trust, and you cant LOVE properly with neither. Don't let fear of forever being alone, cloud the clarity of CRUST... 😇🙃
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2022.01.22 04:42 inspyral Stephen Curry Talks First Career Buzzer Beater | Jan. 21, 2022

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2022.01.22 04:42 EestiMentioned [/r/cryptostreetbets] Centaurify - Launching Now on BSC

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2022.01.22 04:42 theactionfigurejunky This custom Firefly got the jump on Beachhead for #FireFlyFriday COOBBBRRRAAA!!!

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2022.01.22 04:42 The_Ebb_and_Flow Career advice for reducing suffering

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2022.01.22 04:42 Milk_Man21 Have they ever made re-designed 70mm IMAX cameras (film, not digital) that less cumbersome?

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2022.01.22 04:42 Icewolf_242 Can Christians watch secular movies/shows

I know it goes without saying that there are certain show/movies that we should avoid especially if they are really explicit. But what about like cop shows or crime shows like CSI or whatever. I myself watch anime quite a lot and well I don't feel like any of the shows that I watch Getting away with my relationship with God I sometimes wonder if it's me being paranoid or not. I'm always careful with what I watch and if it influences me in a bad way I'll stop. I know when it comes to anime there's a lot of explicit fan art and fan fictions and I try my best to avoid those but If I do see something like that I try my best to turn away but I've kinda fallen short I'm short and that regards sometimes Cause I have a bad habit of letting my curiosity get the best to me God forgive me a for that And I try my best not to make those mistakes again. But mostly I'm really careful about the stuffy watching if it bothers me spiritually I will stop.
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2022.01.22 04:42 giantflyingspiders What to cook with several big bags filled with Walnuts?

I got several huge bags fill of walnuts from a family who are friends with my family and I don’t know what to use them for. I have used one half bag of walnuts for baklava, but I am on a strict diet no sweet desserts and I want to use a lot in as few recipes as possible, they take up so much space in the freezer. Any ideas are welcome!
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2022.01.22 04:42 Professional-House64 Ananya panday in shorts.. Smooth silky long legs

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